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September 08, 2015

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Mike - August 13, 2015
Alright, it kinda sucks that I've just started updating again but then had to miss a week or two... I'm really sorry for that, but I've been ridiculously busy lately getting ready to go to Intervention this week in Rockville, Maryland. Me and the rest of Cinematic For The People will be entertaining the crowds with a couple movies over the weekend, and generally causing chaos. Hopefully we'll get some video footage or something recorded while we're there. So I'll everyone here next week, and I'll try to start posting again as soon as I can.
Mike - July 08, 2015
Heya people! Been awhile... oofta, quite a long while. You know I could go on a dissertation about what's been going on the past couple of years, but I don't know if I'm up to that right now. Let's just say that life has been exceedingly complicated as of late, and leave it at that. I do apologize to everyone though, I really shouldn't have just left everything in a lurch for so long.

So, what's going now? Well I'm trying my damndest to get myself back into a creative groove, and yes that means the comic is finally updating again! It's a bit slow right now, about once a week, but hopefully I'll be able to ramp that up once I get rolling. I didn't get to update the past monday sadly, but that's because I spent the weekend editing together a new CFTP short, which is also something I'm doing to get my creative edge sharpened again. If you'd like to watch it, I'll post it below.

So much to do... so many comics to make, so much site editing, so much content to add. I've missed it, I really have.

Mike - December 23, 2013
Mike - July 07, 2013
So it's been awhile, eh? Along with the many things (personal and professional) that have completely crushed my time for the last several months is the complete revamp of Cinematic For The People and the launch of our second season. And let me tell you, it's causing quite the buzz.
Mike - December 21, 2012
Happy Holidays to one and all! We've finally finished it, and I wanted to share with you all CFTP's very first Christmas Special. I mean it's not the end of the world, but enjoy!
Mike - November 08, 2012
I'm just gonna put this over here...
Mike - August 08, 2012
It's August, and you know what that means... no not that. No not that either. No! It means it's time to go meet up with our old pal Bill and make another triumphant return to Chicago Comic-Con! This year, along with new pictures, I'm hoping to finally get some good video footage to share with everybody so you can FINALLY see Bill in action doing what he does best. In the meantime though, here's a new movie from Cinematic For the People called "Return of the Kung Fu Dragon". Yes, it's just as awesome as you imagine that it is.
Mike - July 19, 2012
Mike - June 17, 2012
Heya everybody! Wow things have been busy around here lately. First off, my little cardgame WAGON Webcomic Battle is cranking out new cards at a pretty good clip as we prepare to release our newest deck. The mighty effort known as Cinematic For The People is preparing to invade Intervention in Washinton DC this September, so we're preparing a new DVD and other merch for our live show in the nation's capitol. I've also got two more conventions,Sangawa Project in July and Chicago Comic-Con in August that I'm going to be attending and flaunting my new "Geek Ninja Gear" that I've started to produce. Oh yes, so much to work on and so little time. I'm going to try and keep everyone updated on all the awesome happenings as they come, and of course keeping the "Prepare to Die" updates a-rolling. Rest assured this comic isn't going anywhere, and I thank you for your patience at my unstable updating schedule.
Mike - May 18, 2012
The other night myself and the rest of the CFTP Crew got together and tested out that new-fangled Google Hangout thing to try and record our "enjoyment" of a terrible movie. The following is the resulting video... hopefully this will become a regular thing, so stay tuned for that!
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