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The Players

Name: Mike
Class: GM
1st Seen: Comic #1
Mike is not truly a Player like Bill and Manda are, but is instead the Game Master who created the original storyline for the game world the threesome find themselves trapped inside. Because of this, he does not have a character sheet like the others do, leaving him without the use of weapons or abilities like the others benefit from. This seriously leaves Mike at a disadvantage inside a RPG campaign, and ironically may lead to an end caused by a world he himself created... The resident Game Geek, Mike has a fairly quiet and reserved personality but can be only be pushed so far before he pulls himself together and shows people exactly why he is the Game Master.

Name: Manda
Class: Song Mage
1st Seen: Comic #2
Manda is a huge music geek with a vast knowledge of all things that rock, and as such is perfectly suited to her character's class of Song Mage. Unfortunately, playing her character has become a much more hands-on experience as of late. Strong willed with a generous streak of cuteness, Manda often switches from rage to sweetness in the blink of an eye. In this new world, Manda struggles to find the magic in her music and to keep her witty retorts from getting them all in more trouble than they already are!

Name: Bill
Class: Scrapper > Barbarian
1st Seen: Comic #6
A screenwriter and avid collector, Bill is a bottomless source of movie trivia, and the expert in all things that will most likely end in a large explosion. Prone to thinking with his fists, Bill is a bit paranoid and more than a bit unstable. Beyond this he is far from being stupid and is easily the best all-out fighter of the Players. With a bevy of fighting techniques fueled by his fairly short fuse, Bill is definitely someone you'd rather have on your side. If only he'd learn to think before he leaps headfirst into danger...


Name: Guy
Class: Villager
1st Seen:Comic #12
This is Some Guy, a generic NPC that's meets new people in villages and hands out basic common knowledge to those who ask... or don't ask, he'll probably tell you anyway. Guy doesn't even seem to do anything most of the time, not even move. Depending on the location, Guy can be wearing different outfits, but generally they're all the same in every other way. If a player ever has a question about the local area it's easy enough to find out the answer, just ask Some Guy.

Name: The Shopkeep
Class: Merchant
1st Seen: Comic #17
A self-made business man, the Shopkeep is here to offer his expert services for all your shopping needs. He is more than happy to give out constructive criticisms, whether you want them or not. Much like Guy, The Shopkeep in every town seems to be the exact same person, but with a more... *cough* dynamic personality to offer. Most annoyingly, no matter how much you wish it wasn't true, in his shop the customer is almost always wrong.

Name: Steve Ogre
Class: Barbarian
1st Seen: Comic #192
Steve was born in a barbarian village high in the mountians, a village feared for the incredible might and fighting prowess of it's warriors. Unfortunately, Steve was not one of those warriors. Unable to cut it with the other barbarians, he left to find adventure, train to become a great warrior, and prove himself. Recently, Steve has returned to Drunkhill Mountain and seems to have reconciled with his people.

Name: T/S Mage aka Ben
Class: Time/Space Mage
1st Seen: Comic #210
Ben was a student and mage-in-training from a respectable magic academy that oversees many other parallel worlds. While on an errand to one of these worlds when he was afflicted with a memory curse; since then he has seen himself as a mage finished with his training that has set off to find the elusive All-Terrain Sparring Arena... though most of his time has been spent hopelessly lost in a "stupid magical forest" where the squirrels swarm like Hyrulean Chickens when threatened. The last time he left the forest he did manage to find ATSA, but then it blinked out of existance and threw him right back into the forest.

Name: The Kitten of Chaos
Class: unknown
1st Seen: Comic #85
The Kitten of Chaos is... well... it's complicated. A bundle of chaotic energy, the Kitten tends to act on every impulse he, or anyone around him, happens to have. The Kitten is generally friendly in nature, and seemingly oblivious to the word impossible. The problem with this chaotic little cat is that you never know when his playfulness will turn into a catastrophe for friends and foes alike.

Name: Ninja Guy-Den
Class: Typo Ninja
1st Seen: Comic #608
Born of the power of Chaos and the ingenuity of the GameMaster, a simple Guy was changed into the mighty warrior Ninja Guy-Den. His awsome skills (beyond being a FRICKIN' NINJA) seems to allow him to appear at exactly the right moment, to correct errors in storyplot elements, and to mostly act like a badass. He also seems to have no ability to speak normally, but to only call out the name of whatever "jutsu" he happens to be using at the time. Currently Mike carries a Guy-Den playing card in case he should ever be needed again.

The Grasslands

Name: Some Old Guy
Class: Villager
1st Seen: Comic #277
This is Some Old Guy, who is much like Some Guy but... old. As the elder of the village of Woodstock, the Old Guy had a great dislike of the Grass People, and after a few things began disapearing from the townsfolk he declared them banned from ever entering the village. More reccently, the real thief was uncovered thanks to our heroic players and he and the Grass People Leader have begun to finally get along. Currently, the Old Guy thinks he is wearing a hat... humor him.

Name: The Grass People Leader
Class: Unknown
1st Seen: Comic #283
The Grass People are normally an extremely laid back, peaceful clan of Order-Worshippers who seek simple co-exsistance with the world and their fellow man. Their leader is no exception, using the wisdom passed down through the years and the soothing sound of music to resolve conflict. Well... it's either that or it's just laziness.

The Highlands

Name: Barry
Class: Bartender
1st Seen: Comic #420
In the Barbarian Highlands, high up on the slopes of Drunkhill Mountain, Barry is the owner of a tavern known as The Bar Barry Inn. There he fullfills a great purpose... to be the Master Bartender for all the barbarians of the the mountain. This posistion grants Barry a posistion of supreme reverance in barbarian society, and the ultimate power to cut you off when you've had a few too many drinks.

Name: Grendel
Class: Barbarian
1st Seen: Comic #438
One of the legendary Drunken Masters of Drunkhill Mountain, Grendel the Axe Master is the eldest of the four Ogre brothers.

Name: Guk
Class: Barbarian
1st Seen: Comic #438
The second Drunken Master of the Mountian, Guk the Spear Master often vies with Grendel for the Alpha position in their family.

Name: Rukkus
Class: Barbarian
1st Seen: Comic #438
Rukkus of Blade Master is the youngest of the Drunken Masters. Less experienced than his brothers, he tends to frenzy faster than any of the others.

The Outlands & The Deadlands

Name: Nova Wolf
Class: Unknown
1st Seen: Comic #763
Nova was brought into the campaign as a "borrowed" character that belongs to one of Mike's roleplaying friends. Her origins are complex, given her creator's tendancy to have used Nova in many different roleplaying systems throughout the years, and semms to have picked up new skills and abilties every time she is translated to a new gaming world. Now being part of Mike's Wizards & Warriors campaign, her unpredictable powers can keep both friend and foe alike on their toes.

Name: Future Paladin
Class: Paladin
1st Seen: Comic #1029
Future Paladin, along with his magical talking wahammer named Ace, watches over the exspansive cemetary known as The Deadlands, a place where all dead in the entirety of The Lands are said to rest. His power in holy water magics is great, making him an equally powerfull healer as he is a warrior. An old friend of both The Captain and The Commander, he stands neutral in matters of war when possible fighting instead to protect the innocent and find the light hidden in the darkness.

Future Paladin is also the hero of the webcomic The Best of What's Left.

The Empire

Name: Frank and Chuck
Class: Soldier
1st Seen: Comic #72
Frank and Chuck are members of the Carlson's Emperial Guard. Frank is a happily married man with 2 children and a dog named Chewie. Chuck enjoys the single life, playing the part of the Knight in Shining Armor... poorly. They both serve in the Emperial Guard because of the cool armor and it's better than working at Mutton on a Stick.

Name: The Captain
Class: Soldier
1st Seen: Comic #101
The Captain of the Emperial White Guard is a man with a strong sense of duty and has an unwavering loyalty to The Carlson. Well liked by his men and the people of the Empire, he is a suprisingly shrewd judge of the merits in others. While The Carlsons's orders as of late have been strange, he will do everything he can to carry them out.

Name: The Commander
Class: Soldier
1st Seen: Comic #411
The Commander is the brash, hot-headed leader of the Emperial Gold Guard. Inspiring fierce confidance in his men, he leads the Empire's outside armies in their efforts to expand the emperial boarders and to find the legendary Items of the Gods. While extremely loyal to the Empire and normally a brilliant millitary stratigest, his rough-and-tumble aproach to things has led to a less than successfull campaign against the barbarians, and has wavered The Carlson's confidance in his abilities to lead.

Name: The Carlson
Class: Politician
1st Seen: Comic #104
A man of iron will and persuasive manner, The Carlson has established himself as Emperor of The Lands admist the on-going war between the worshippers of Order and the worshippers of Chaos. In a bid to end the conflict, The Carlson seeks to find the three Legendary Items of the Gods... or so he claims. There are many who believe he is a religous icon come to unite The Lands, and others who believe he is actually the cause of the conflict. Only time will ultimately tell who is right.

Those From Beyond

Name: Shadows
Class: Evil Minion
1st Seen: Comic #34
The Shadows are creatures that spawn from the darkness within people, created by their fear and hatred... or at least that's how the story goes. They can come in many shapes and sizes, but most often appear as round, ghost-like beings with clawed hands and large glowing eyes. Some force has made servants out of these dangerous beings, someone or something strong enough to even make the Shadows fear them.

Name: ???
Class: ???
1st Seen: Comic #32
This mysterious figure seems to have an interest in The Players and the D-20 they have in their possession. Why the D-20 is important and what power it may contain that this being wants remains to be discovered...
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