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PTD: The Comic

Okay, so who do we blame this mess on?

Heh... that would be me, Michael Dellheim. I started PTD in early 2006 as a side project to help get my creative juices flowing, and maybe have more of a use for my website than just being a place to put my professional portfolio. I've been a big fan webcomics for quite awhile and always thought about making one myself, but unfortunately I don't draw very well... but one day I was playing in Photoshop and ended up making something that sort of looked like me. Using that lil guy I figured out a style to create my characters in, which developed into the webcomic that exsists today.

Why "Prepare to Die"?

The name was actually made a long time before I ever decided to make a comic. I'm an avid tabletop roleplayer, and for my own amusement I created the original D-20 graphic with the words "Prepare to Die" to make into a t-shirt for myself. Alot of people thought it was funny, so I put it up on a Cafepress store for others to buy. Awhile after that I came up with the comic idea, and I needed a name for it... the decision seemed only natural.

Are all the characters based on real people?

A lot of the main characters are based on real people. Bill and Manda are real people who occasionally frequent the website, and of course there's me. T/S Mage is based off my cousin Ben's RPing character, and Steve the Ogre is loosely based on a friend of me and Bill. Most of the other characters, such as The Kitten of Chaos, come from various other sources.

Can I be a character??

If you really want to possibly become a character one day, I'd suggest getting involved in the community. We're big on fan interaction around here and much more likely to include people we know in the story. Of course there's no guaruntees or anything... beyond the occasional random cameo we're probably not gonna make a new character unless we really need it.

You know, it would be really cool if <insert suggestion> would happen...

I'm more than happy to get suggestions and discuss possiblities on the comic, but most of the major plot points are already pretty well plotted out into the foreseeable future. While small suggestions might be considered, for reasons of that whole "copyright/bickering over ideas" thing I tend to steer away from using fan-submitted ideas myself. If you want though, feel free to make a spiffy lil something yourself and submit it as a Guest Comic or Art. We'd love to have them to post up on Random Geekness Satudays!

PTD: The Interviews

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