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Mike- October 31, 2015

Mike- October 06, 2015
Heya people! Over the years it seems this site has accumulated a number of glitches, and it looks like they're finally getting a little too big for their britches. So I'm going to be doing a bit of patchwork to my backcode and hopefully getting the comic updates working again very soon. I'm then thinking it's about time for a bit of a site redesign. There's just so much of the site that leads to nowhere, so many plugins that just don't work anymore. Let's get this place back into working order, shall we?
Mike- August 13, 2015
Alright, it kinda sucks that I've just started updating again but then had to miss a week or two... I'm really sorry for that, but I've been ridiculously busy lately getting ready to go to Intervention this week in Rockville, Maryland. Me and the rest of Cinematic For The People will be entertaining the crowds with a couple movies over the weekend, and generally causing chaos. Hopefully we'll get some video footage or something recorded while we're there. So I'll everyone here next week, and I'll try to start posting again as soon as I can.
Mike- July 08, 2015
Heya people! Been awhile... oofta, quite a long while. You know I could go on a dissertation about what's been going on the past couple of years, but I don't know if I'm up to that right now. Let's just say that life has been exceedingly complicated as of late, and leave it at that. I do apologize to everyone though, I really shouldn't have just left everything in a lurch for so long.

So, what's going now? Well I'm trying my damndest to get myself back into a creative groove, and yes that means the comic is finally updating again! It's a bit slow right now, about once a week, but hopefully I'll be able to ramp that up once I get rolling. I didn't get to update the past monday sadly, but that's because I spent the weekend editing together a new CFTP short, which is also something I'm doing to get my creative edge sharpened again. If you'd like to watch it, I'll post it below.

So much to do... so many comics to make, so much site editing, so much content to add. I've missed it, I really have.

Mike- December 23, 2013

Mike- July 07, 2013
So it's been awhile, eh? Along with the many things (personal and professional) that have completely crushed my time for the last several months is the complete revamp of Cinematic For The People and the launch of our second season. And let me tell you, it's causing quite the buzz.
Mike- December 21, 2012
Happy Holidays to one and all! We've finally finished it, and I wanted to share with you all CFTP's very first Christmas Special. I mean it's not the end of the world, but enjoy!
Mike- November 08, 2012
I'm just gonna put this over here...
Mike- August 08, 2012
It's August, and you know what that means... no not that. No not that either. No! It means it's time to go meet up with our old pal Bill and make another triumphant return to Chicago Comic-Con! This year, along with new pictures, I'm hoping to finally get some good video footage to share with everybody so you can FINALLY see Bill in action doing what he does best. In the meantime though, here's a new movie from Cinematic For the People called "Return of the Kung Fu Dragon". Yes, it's just as awesome as you imagine that it is.

Mike- July 19, 2012

Mike- June 17, 2012
Heya everybody! Wow things have been busy around here lately. First off, my little cardgame WAGON Webcomic Battle is cranking out new cards at a pretty good clip as we prepare to release our newest deck. The mighty effort known as Cinematic For The People is preparing to invade Intervention in Washinton DC this September, so we're preparing a new DVD and other merch for our live show in the nation's capitol. I've also got two more conventions,Sangawa Project in July and Chicago Comic-Con in August that I'm going to be attending and flaunting my new "Geek Ninja Gear" that I've started to produce. Oh yes, so much to work on and so little time. I'm going to try and keep everyone updated on all the awesome happenings as they come, and of course keeping the "Prepare to Die" updates a-rolling. Rest assured this comic isn't going anywhere, and I thank you for your patience at my unstable updating schedule.
Mike- May 18, 2012
The other night myself and the rest of the CFTP Crew got together and tested out that new-fangled Google Hangout thing to try and record our "enjoyment" of a terrible movie. The following is the resulting video... hopefully this will become a regular thing, so stay tuned for that!
Mike- April 20, 2012
Was it Easter recently passing? Is it all the conventions I'm scheduled to perform at this year? I don't know... but I was inspired to design this shirt, and I thought that I'd share. Heck, buy one for your mom for Mother's Day, I think Zazzle is offering free shipping.

Speaking of conventions, next weekend is Penguicon in Dearborn, Michigan where I'll be helping to lambast a couple horrible horrible movies in the MST3K fashion. Join us for Cinematic For the People, won't you? We have candy...

Mike- February 04, 2012

Hey, it seems that my cardgame "WAGON Webcomic Battle" is having itself a brand new contest to create a new rare card! The subject of the contest is a lovely lady called Blue from "Hello, the Future!", who must be a powerful Song Mage as she creates awesome geekness-inspired music. She's even created a song just for the contest:

If anyone is interested in making an entry for the contest and getting some cool prizes, go ahead and check out the contest page for all the details.

Mike- January 13, 2012
Yeesh... and that, my friends, was quite the sucky week spent in the hospital. I'm hoping that now that I'm no longer doing my very best at impersonating an oyster, I can finally get around to getting something accomplished around here. There's comics to be made, new cards to be designed, and apparently my shoutbox has to be replaced as they're no longer offering a free version. No worries though, we'll be getting right on that... and while I'm at it I'll probably be re-tweaking the front page so it'll look a little less like ass. Not too much mind you, we have our standards to maintain after all.

More to come in the near future! Thanks to you all for sticking around. Rest assured your loyalites will be rewarded :)

Mike- November 24, 2011

Mike- October 30, 2011

Mike- September 19, 2011
Ello everybody! Big apologies for some of these delays between updates to the comic. Not only have I been oddly busy, but I've been really been working out some of the background details in the storyplot to make sure it's all going the way it's supposed to be. We're getting down to some fairly large revealings of what's been going on throughout the comic and where it's going for the future, so we definitely don't want to screw it up. So thanks to everyone for sticking with us all this time, you're apreciated oh so very much.
Mike- August 11, 2011
Heya everybody! This weekend I am with Bill back in Chicago at Wizard World. We'll be taking pictures and VIDEO of the convention this year, which I'll see to getting uploaded as soon as possible. In the meantime, we're also going to be broasting over the WAGON Ustream channel in the evenings. So for all of you who've missed Bill's ranting posts of the past, drop on by the Ustream Channel and talk to the man himself. Also keep track of my twitter for announcements of when broadcasting starts.
Mike- July 16, 2011
After a lot of hard work and dedication from many, we proudly announce the launch of our WAGON v2.0 KickStarter campaign! Until August 15, we will be trying to raise the money needed to print our next and best cards: higher quality, improved design, and improved artwork.

By supporting WAGON Webcomic Battle you will not only be helping an ever-growing number of independant artists but you can get yourself some awesome swag as well, the least of which is a deck of our new cards when they are printed. So, my fellow WAGONeers, lets get this project funded!

Mike- July 04, 2011

Mike- May 08, 2011
Stat TrainingHeya everybody! After my weekend at Penguicon, I've decided that it's high-time I started working on getting myself in better shape. To that end, I'm planning to put to a little 'Stat Training' project together to track my progress and keep myself on track. So if you're into watching a fat guy putting himself through an ordeal on the internet, you've arrived at an opportune time... witness the struggle of a GameMaster who seeks to train himself to min/max his stats to achieve God Mode. Link to the page as soon as it's built!
Mike- April 22, 2011
Heya everybody! Sorry I've missed some updates this week... thing is, as I'm preparing for a number of panels and a WAGON tournament at Penguicon next week I've had a tight schedule. That wouldn't be a problem though, except that I've also got relatives that showed up this week for Easter/Brithdays as well, so there goes my free time. Anywho, here's a little classic George Carlin for you in honnor of today being Earth Day.

Mike- March 23, 2011
Heya everybody! A new initative had surfaced to get Adam West his own star on the hollywood walk of fame, and I certainly think it's an idea that's gone unfullfilled for far too long. Here's a little video that I was asked to be a part of telling you all about this endevor.

Mike- March 17, 2011

Mike- December 24, 2010

Mike- December 06, 2010
Sorry to say, but I'm going to have to take a short break from the comic for a week or so. Why, you ask? Well I'm in the middle of getting all my things together and moving to a new place. Why, you may still ask?? Because I got myself a spiffy new job and I've gotta move to a new state for it. So until I get moved and settled in the comic will sadly have to wait. No worries though! I'm planning to do a bit of something different to celebrate the holidays, so hopefully we'll get to kick that off soon, and then we'll get back to the regular comic in time for the new year.

In any case, I'll still be trying to share a few Random Geekness when I can, maybe some new videos and such for the news post. Perhaps a new contest is in order? We'll see!

Mike- November 22, 2010
Happy monday everybody! Yes indeed, the regular comics have begun updating again. We've also got a little something extra for you today in the form of a guest comic we did for our friend Adam Smithee of "The Apple of Discord". If you'd like, head on over and check it out.

Oh and if you'd like to see it, I've also made a small cameo in Apple Valley, which is Adam's other spin-off comic, along with a few other comic characters.

Mike- November 17, 2010

For your viewing pleasure I bring to you the introduction video for the "TGT Webcomics: What's Cooking?" kickstarter project. These guys have created a cookbook featuring over 50 webcomics (including Prepare to Die) and is looking for donations to help with the first printing. If you've got a few bucks to spare, please help these guys out!

Mike- November 08, 2010
Happy Monday everyone, and coincidentially Happy Birthday to me as well... in celebration of this joyous day, it seems that one our friends, miss Amuletts of another roleplaying webcomic calledEpic Fail, has just posted part one of a new interview she did with me about Prepare to Die among other things. If you'd like you can check it out right over here with part two to be up in another day or so from now.

In other news, I'm very happy to announce that after a massive amount of work the WAGON Webcomic Battle website has been re-opened to the public with a whole new look and layout. While we continue to work on starting up our new line of WAGON v2.0 cards, we're also looking to clean out our current inventory, so as of now all of our v1.0 Card Decks are 20% off! So if you've ever thought about getting involved with the cardgame and want to get ahold of some of the originals before they're gone forever, this is you're last chance to do it. If I were you I'd Head over there now and get some before they're gone. And after all, christmas is coming...

Oh... and I should probably mention that I'm going to be moving near the begining of December. While I plan to have plenty of comics in the queue for that time, I'm probably going to be missing for a short while as I get all that done along with setting up new a internet connection. Good gravy these are busy times!

Mike- October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween everyone! This is one of my favorite times of the year, not only for all the frights and fantasy of the season but because it marks only eight days until my birthday. To help you all get into a spooky mood for the day, I'd like to share a video with you... part of a playthough of a very awesome-looking horror game called Amnesia, being played through by the penultimate British Gamer known as TotalBiscuit. Now without further adieu, please enjoy this scene in which a Brit gets the piss scared out of him. Enjoy!

Mike- October 22, 2010
Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying our little hand-drawn side story that's going on at the moment. Hopefully it's going to fill in a few details on some past events for everyone as we go into the future.

Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that our friend Kez from is making a run of cameo apperances in one of her comics called "What it Takes", and the most recent comic as of this blurb is actually featuring me. I really suggest you all go check out this comic if you haven't read it before because it rocks... I also will most likely be killed as well in a fairly graphic way, so I know some of you won't wanna miss that.

Mike- October 02, 2010
Heya everybody! This weekend I'll be attempting to do some most likely aweful hand drawings for this next mini-arc of the comic. It also happens to be 24 Hour Comic Day today, so I guess I'll see how many of them I can crank out. Feel free to drop in and participate in live chat.

Mike- August 01, 2010
Our friends over at the podcast TGT Webcomics have just started up their 2nd annual tournament for best episode of the year, and guess what? We're OUT of the running... but we're backing another horse, namely the comic "Sarah Zero". All you need to do to help us out is head on over to the voting page here and vote for "Stef / Sarah Zero" which is actually an episode of TGT Webcomics that I co-hosted. Oh and while you're at it you can vote in all the other brackets as well for your favorite matchups.

If Sarah Zero ends up winning this tournament, we'll be putting our heads together to make something extra special for the world to see. What will it be? No clue! We've gotta win first! XD

Mike- July 04, 2010

Mike- June 03, 2010
Heya people, I usually don't post things like this, but I was on a website just a moment ago writting out a comment on
this article about movies and I guess it got WAY too long... so instead of just sending it back into the ether whenst it came I figured that I should post it here.

There are far too many movies coming out that are unnessessary sequels trying to milk the franchise, remakes that are re-hashing old stories to milk the nostalgia factor of the originals, or movie adaptations of old TV shows/cartoons that just borrow the names to draw fans but ignore the subject matter entirely. This is all lazy, uninspired, greed-induced movie making passed down by corperate offices looking at statistics and profit margins instead of true movie-makers. Come up with something original or do the source material justice... I just get so sick of seeing movies that come out that only vaugely have anything to do with the inspired material.

The new "Karate Kid", why call it that if only to stir up nostalgia? You could have called it anything and it could have had appeal, and yet all he name does is alienate the fans of the original.

Transformers, GI Joe, or any other cartoon/videogame adaptation... holy hell why did you turn my youth into a bad joke?? They already HAD storyplots and they were good... use them!!

Sex and the City 2, okay fine the first movie was a conclusion to the series but why a sequel? Who's left to milk on that one?? Did the actresses really just want work THAT badly???

Shrek 4... compared to the first two, the third one sucked. This franchise is at least is an original concept, but the excitement is over please let it die with dignity. The same with Toy Story 3... maybe start a new movie in the same universe-setting, jump around a bit, but by golly how long can we care about these toys? No wonder Andy wants to get rid of them.

The point of all this? It's not just movies, but most of the entertainment industry seems to have been usurped by the corperate boardrooms. Movies, music, or television, it all seems to be headed up by suits with flowcharts and research departments trying to find the safe bets that may not be fantastically sucessfull but will at least make their budgets back. There are hardly any true boxoffice flops these days (they go right to DVD), but boxoffice smashes are few and far between as well. As special effects technology increases, focus on acting, plot, and character development seem to go out the window. The consensus seems to be that an action-packed visually impressive movie will occupy our ADD-induced brains well enough that they don't NEED to include substance... as long as the movie seems to be about something you know already, it's big and shiney, and it has a based statisically-accurate general audience appeal, it's a sure winner. Unfortunately it doesn't really work like that, but I guess it works well enough for them to keep doing it.

Mike- April 30, 2010
Wow what a sucky week... I'm still in the hospital at the moment, but my leg is slowly getting better and I hope that pretty soon I'll be able to go home to continue to recover there instead. That at least will give me acesss to my main computer again and so maybe I can FINALLY start making comics again. Man, I really want to finish off the current storyline and its very close to being done too.

For the moment, I'm going to give you guys a little classic Brentalfloss musical action that seems apropriate enough for the occasion.

Mike- April 04, 2010

Mike- April 01, 2010
"Prepare to Die" in association with Webcomic Planet has just started an Easter Egg Hunt! The Collective Members participating have hidden one or more Easter Egg Pictures within their Archives. They can be:
•Hidden in a comic blog post (blurb below a comic)
•Hidden within a comic strip itself
•Some webcomics have up to 3 eggs hidden within their archives, no more.
•The winner will be the one finding all (or at least most) eggs hidden throughout the participating websites.

If you'd like to participate and maybe win yourself some very spiffy prizes, head on over to The Webcomic Planet and check out all the offical rules and then head out into the eather to find some eggs. The contest runs from now until Easter Sunday on the 4th, so get to searching!

Mike- March 16, 2010
I have returned from Anime Milwaukee, and I must say it was a pretty good time. Not only did I get to hang out with Alan from Rival Angels and Trevor of, but I had a very interesting conversation with Little Kuriboh of YGOTAS fame and his man Kroz about the future of children's trading cards. Oh yes, and many many people in costumes... inclusing this devilish duo who seem to have replaced their Meowth with a much more effective and somewhat more familiar fighter.

Mike- March 11, 2010
Tonight I'm going to appearing on ANOTHER podcast, and this time it's to talk about Prepare to Die... yes, time to get off the WAGON for a moment and actually talk about this little webcomic we've got. Anyone interested in listening in, you can do so On Talkshoe at about 9pm Central.

In other news, tomorrow morning I'm heading out for Anime Milwaukee to spend the weekend playing games and snapping pics of wonderously overdone costumes. I'm hoping to run into Litte Kuriboh there and get some nice shots with him and his "Screw the Rules" card, simply because you can't miss an opportunity like that.

Mike- March 06, 2010

*Steps up onto the podium and clears his throat.*

My fellow webcomic enthusiasts... fanboys, trolls, lurkers... I am not a violent man. I am not one to take up arms without reason, to lay waste simply because it is within my power... but a gauntlet has been thrown down onto the battlefield and this is a challenge that MUST be met! No less than twenty-four hours ago, war has broken out among the collective members of Webcomic Planet. This war is quickly growing, and we, the citizens of The Lands, have been shunted aside as inconsequential. Well I ask unto you, will you stand by and take this insult?? I think not... we shall rise up! We shall move like a swarm over these so-called Mad Geniuses of Webcomic Battle and show them exactly what terrible force of Chaos they have unleashed!

I say onto you, our beloved and faithful readers! Go forth across the internet and wave the banners of "Prepare to Die"!! Leave no corner safe from our blinding multi-colored halogens of TechnoMadness!!! Together we will build a mighty tide that shall wash away this blight of war and leave only devastation in our wake. The GameMaster is rolling double crits, so let's get out there and GM SMITE them all!!!

Mike- February 26, 2010
This past Sunday I made an appearance co-hosting an episode of the TGT Webcomics Podcast. Our extra special guest for the show was my friend and yours, Stef of Sarah Zero. Head on over to their sites above, and maybe take a listen to the recorded episode now up online.

In other news, a CHALLENGE has been issued to me from my fellow webcomickers. What challenged? Well, as we journey down to the Road of Penguicon and the first WAGON Webcomic Battle Tournament, we will also be participating in a Penguicon Weight Loss Challenge. Oh yes, this challenge this challenge will be met and all competitors will be CRUSHED... but not as crushed as much as they would be, as I will be lighter than I am now. More to come I'm sure, as progress reports will be made!

Mike- February 14, 2010

And now, a special Valentine's Day message from Captain Picard:

Mike- January 11, 2010
Today I write frim the same physical location as I usually do, but instead with the help of my new laptop... which just now allowed me to actually log into my own admin area. This purchase was made in preparation of the next convention season, where I hope to go forth and kick all kinds of ass in both comic and cardgame realms, and yes it will be good. The Delta Deck is in full swing for it's pre-sale and I should be seeing the first printed decks by the end of the week.

In semi-related news, I'll be stepping up my comic production for the next week or so in order build a small buffer, as I will be take a bit of a trip out to Seattle for a week. I'm hoping to still be updating as semi-normal as usual while I'm gone, and the new lapppy will certainly help. Meanwhile, I'll be using some time to relax, work on a few random casual things, and maybe even work on my drawing skills. Yes, I know it's a shock... I might actually have a few hand-drawn things around here eventually! No worries though, I have no intention of changing the comic as I like the format that it's in.

Mike- December 26, 2009
The Delta Deck Pre-sale has begun! While we're working out the final tweeks in the cards to come in this deck, we're ready to start collecting orders for a new round of explosive action. The final call for duty in this deck brings some fantastic newcomers to the battle as well as a few veterans who are returning to the front lines: Like all decks to come before it,as part of this deck we are also releasing a brand new Rare Card which will be given away with every pre-ordered Delta Deck. With the permission of a man known as LittleKuriboh, we are very happy to bring you a super-special-awesome addition to the game, "Screw the Rules I Have Money".
Mike- December 25, 2009

Mike- November 15, 2009
Heya everybody, I've just managed to get a screen capture program up and running on my computer, and as a test run I made this video of me in the process of making comic 906 yesterday. Revel in the magic!

Mike- November 01, 2009

The Webcomic Readers Choice Awards for 2009 have opened up their voting booths, and WAGON Webcomic Battle has been nominated to win an award in the Community category. It's an honnor to even be nominated, but if you're a member of the webcomic world and you're interested in what we're trying to accomplish with our card game project, please consider voting for WAGON this year! Also on the docket are comics of awesomeness like The War of the Winds for best site design and Autumn Lake for best writting... let's give some of these guys the recognition that they deserve!!

Mike- October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone! Oh yes, I love this holiday for many reasons... the decorations, the costumes, and of course the candy. Here's a little something I'd like to share, since this is the only time of year that I can... Hope you all have a great weekend!

And in other news...

The Webcomic Beacon, in association with WAGON Webcomic Battle, is happy to announce the brand new 'Draw Becky' contest! To win, you'll need to create your own version of Becky, the Webcomic Beacon spokesgirl, to be used on an upcomming Podcast-themed card for the WAGON TCG. The first place winner will have their artwork used on the offical card, and they will recieve both a copy of the card for themselves and a copy of the next WAGON deck, which is currently in progress. For full details, head on over to the offical contest page and learn how to get in on the action. All submissions must be in by November 28th, so get in on this while the getting is good!

Mike- October 05, 2009
So another chapter draws to a close, and a new chapter will soon begin. The fairies of the Lost Woods have been saved, but the Tailisman of Life has been taken by Emperial Soldiers. The Captain and his boys saved Over There from the squirrels, but The Carlson seems indifferent to the threat to the people from the shadowy "GameMaster". Where the heck do we go from here?

I'm going to be spending the week away from making regular comics so I can prepare for the next chapter... meanwhile I hope to get some Random Geekness up to help fill the gap, and perhaps re-vive the old "PTD on..." series of mini webcomic reviews. I've certainly got enough of them on my plate right now to work with!

Much more to come for Prepare to Die, don't you worry about that. Stay tuned.

Mike- September 29, 2009

Heya everybody! The peoplez over at Panels on Pages, who were running amuck at Wizard World this past summer, finally got up the video footage for their PopQuiz segment... of which Bill and I both got to participate in. Enjoy!

Mike- August 25, 2009

Mike- August 10, 2009
While off at the convention this past weekend Bill and I discovered these nifty lil toys called Skeleflex, which are basically bones you can build things out of. They were having a contest to see who could build the best warrior, so naturally I had to participate. The results of the contest haven't been announced yet, but they emailed me a picture of my creation, so I thought I'd share:

Mike- August 03, 2009
Well it looks like I'm feeling a whole lot better and ready to keep rocking. In fact it's fantastic timing that I've recovered because we're quickly aproaching the time to head back out to Wizard World... but nay, not Wizard World but the newly minted Comic-Con Chicago! And in fact it's going down this next weekend August 7-9. Bill and I are all set to go check out what this fresh new paint job is gonna do to the ol' convention, taking pictures and tracking down any number of big and little celebrities. Speaking of little celebrities, Gary Colman has been confirmed and that's worth the admission price in itself.
Mike- July 29, 2009
Here's a little video that pretty well sums up my mental state for the past week... a medley of catchphrases from a pretty spiffy series of machinima movies on YouTube, it oddly captures the flow of chaos in my mind quite well.

Mike- July 25, 2009
Hello people, I know a number of you have noticed the lack of update this past week and I wanted to let you know what's up. The thing is I've been a bit sick lately, which has had me taking some fairly large pills and spending much more time in a horizontal posistion rather than a vertical one. A combination of horiztonalness and generally brain-fuzziness kinda makes it hard to make comics, and so I just haven't had the chance to.

I'm very hopeful though that this will all be cleared up before too much longer and we'll be back to business as usual around here. In the meantime I'm still going to try and make comics, and in failing that I'll be getting some Random Geekness, some video posts, and possibly some guest art submissions to keep the good times rolling.

I'd just like you all to know how much I apreciate your support and your patronage of our spiffy lil comic. It seems that we've had some rough times as of late, but by golly I've got a story to tell and this train isn't stopping until it's finished... we just take the sceanic route from time to time. Later!

Mike- July 22, 2009
Heya people, here's something that I wanted to swing by you guys for the sheer awsomeness of it. A collection of prominent comic and webcomic artists have come together to create The LGBT Webcomic Charity Art Auction. This event is here to help pay tuition bills for LGBT college students. I recomend you guys go check it out because they're got some fantastic artwork up for aution.
Mike- July 04, 2009
To all of our American readers, happy 4th of July! Here's something that may prove to be entertaining AND educational...

Mike- July 02, 2009
Heya guess what? No that's not it... NO! Why would you even think that?? The fine fine people over at Team Xcentrikz have just posted up a brand new interview they asked me to do about Prepare to Die. You can head on over and Check It Out, along with the rest of their spiffy website.
Mike- June 26, 2009
Heya people, apparently someone has thrown together a little contest to win yourself your very own WAGON Gamma Deck... and it wasn't me! If any of you have ever wanted to get one and just haven't had the cash to do it, I'd suggest you take your pretty little self over here and ride that pony!
Mike- June 08, 2009
I wanted to share this video with you all, because quite frankly I don't know what to make of it... it's horrid and moronic and yet brilliant at the same time. Bless the Japanese and their freaky gaming ways!

Mike- May 05, 2009

As a spiffy lil nugget from the convention, here we have a fresh new episode of The Webcomic Beacon that was recorded live at Penguicon in which I participated.

Mike- April 19, 2009
Mike- April 11, 2009
Heya everybody! As a little extra, in case anyone didn't go check it out on April Fools Day, I just posted up a new vote insentive on the Top Webcomics website. What happens when The Kitten of Chaos takes on The Apple of Discord?

Mike- April 09, 2009
The World Alliance of Geeks Online Network is happy to announce that the pre-sale of our Gamma Deck is offically under way! This brand new deck of WAGON cards brings together the creative forces of five new webcomics into our ranks: 67th Avenue, The Apple of Discord, Rune Master, Cartridge, and Kat-Nap.

As an extra bonus for everyone who pre-orders their copy of Gamma Deck you will also recieve a copy of our newest rare card, a cameo apperance of the Game Masta himself from Captain SNES.

We're also going to have a box of all of our decks to take with us to Penguicon at the begining of May, and we'll be doing demos of the game as well as panel discussions about webcomics and such. So if anyone is planning on being there, fee free to look us up. And yes, us; Bill will also be in attendance.

Mike- March 26, 2009

In mid February, Karen Ellis, the creator of popular diary webcomic Planet Karen, was made homeless and nearly possession-less by a fire in the apartment above hers, which resulted in the tragic death of the occupant.

The comics community rallied, and thanks to generous donations of money and equipment, Karen was able to replace some of her art supplies and find a new place to live. Her gratitude and determination are recorded on Planet Karen, but she is still unable to replace many of her possessions. is delighted to announce a fundraising auction for Karen, thanks to the generous donations of the comics community. The auction runs until 30th March, and includes items as diverse as an “incredibly wordy” Wonderella giftset, handbags, jewellery, an original Phil Noto Black Widow Sketch, a set of game decks from WAGON Webcomic Battle, and the original artwork of this post-fire Planet Karen strip.

For more information, please contact Karen Healey at

Mike- March 24, 2009

Mike- February 19, 2009
There is a pretty spiffy webcomic out there now called Union of Heroes that just used me for a cameo... and no not Comic Mike, my actual picture. You see UoH is a photographic comic, and a pretty interesting one at that. Go on over there and check it out with the link above, and while yer at it try to pick me out of the line up.
Mike- February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a little something for all the code monkeys out there.

Mike- February 11, 2009
Heya! So there's no comic today... why you may ask? Because my internet is all screwed up apparently. After being on the phone with my ISP for about 2 hours this morning, they've managed to whittle down the time to fix their own errors to somewhere between 8am and 4pm tomarrow. Yeah, they screw up my services and then make me wait in line to get them turned back on. The good news is I'll be getting a month of credit on my bill. The bad news is there won't be a comic untill Friday (if all goes well).

Meanwhile I'll be trying to work on something special for Valentine's Day this saturday. In the past two years we've participated in the V-Day Nudity event, but that doesn't seem to be happening this year. Last year we also were involved in the Blind Date crossover event, which I also think isn't going to happen. No worries though, we'll come up with something!

I'd also like to mention that, with a certain amount of adjustment for downtime, PTD is going to be three years old any time now. I have a few people who've expressed interest in making some guest art, so hopefully we'll be putting together a celebration pretty soon. Of course, if there's anyone out there that would like to participate as well we'd be more than happy to recieve any guest comics and fan art that you might be inspired to create. Thanks a bunch, and stay tuned as we experience technical difficulties.

Mike- January 30, 2009
The next deck of cards for WAGON Webcomic Battle is currently under development, and to help pass the time we're having a little contest. Details and discussion can be found in the forums for all that are interested in getting in on the fun and possible winning a fabulous (to be determined) prize.
Mike- January 22, 2009

Mike- January 14, 2009

Okay, I felt the need to share this whole new level of bizzarness. In an effort to stop people from fishing, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has begun a campaign to start refering to fish as Sea Kittens! They've built an entire website dedicated to happy kid activities with stories and games featuring their Sea Kittens, along with forms to let you write to the hunting and fishing industry to protest. *facepalm*

You can get more details on this whole thing over here.

Mike- January 13, 2009
WAGON Webcomic Battle, and by extention Prepare to Die, is setting up for the upcoming convention season so we can start taking the game out into the masses! While we are already locked in to attend this summer's Wizard World Chicago August 6th through 9th, we are also looking into possibly making a venture out to PenguiCon in Romulus, Michigan this May 1st through 3rd. I've been asked to part of a webcomics panel to answer some questions about the industry and I hope to be getting some space to set up a few WWB demos to teach people how to play the cardgame. If anybody happens to be in the area for their convetion we'd love to see you guys there!

Mike- December 11, 2008
Our friends over at the Webcomic Beacon are at it again, and they've invited me along for the ride. This time good ol' Fes has started a new initiative to create an entire cast of webcomic characters that, much like Jenny Everywhere, will be free for anyone to use for their own projects. What is this new comic to be called, you ask? The Webcomic Bacon.

This salted and smoked new project is under way and was discussed on the lastest episode the the Beacon, starting with a brainstorming session about the nature of the rag-tag collection of characters. I myself am now in charge of developing our socially ackward internet geeky recluse. Any suggestions or desire to get involved would be happily recieved over at the Beacon's Forum I'm sure, so head on over there and learn more as it develops!

Mike- December 08, 2008
In the tradition of the VS. game, I bring you this awesome little clip.

Mike- December 01, 2008
A quick little comment was made during my Thanksgiving this past weekend that I thought was halarious at the time. My young nephew was over and I was wearing my Manda Fanboy T-shirt. He said that it looked cool but it was missing a line... indicating her clevage.

*sniff* They grow up so fast.

Mike- November 27, 2008

Mike- November 25, 2008
Hey everybody! We've gotten a good amount of progress made on the site to this point. Happily the archives should now be fully up and operational. Not only that but I've managed to add in functionality that wasn't even in it before, so the archives should now properly give you seemless storyplot comics going backwards and forwards. What happened to all the Random Geekness and Special comics then, you may ask? I'm going to be rebuilding the Extras section of the site and they'll be displaying in there along with our other goodies like wallpapers and other offerings. It's a little messy in there at the moment, but we'll get it all on track soon enough.

As for offical in-comic action, I'm planning to offically restart the comic next monday, December 1st. In the meantime though, if anyone happens to find some problems in the archives or anywhere else please let me know and I'll get them fixed as soon as I can.

Mike- November 19, 2008
Well it looks like I finally got the backend database functions of the new site working again. Hopefully it will be a quick task to get the archives up to snuff, then we'll be back on our feet and ready to resume our little story. Thanks to everybody who's been sticking around during this whole process... it's been rough but soon it should be all over!
Mike- October 13, 2008
As many of you know, I generally don't like to get too political... but as the 2008 presidental election quickly aproaches, I'd like you all to take a step back and remember that there are other canidates to consider.
Mike- October 11, 2008
Heya! I've just come across and extremely convenient way to get archives of pictures to display, and so the Zany Hijinks section has just recieved a MASSIVE update of pictures that were long overdo for posting up. The pages aren't quite as well organized as they were, but its a heck of a lot simplier to get new additions good to go.

Expect some new updates in the near future as well, as Bill and I start keeping a lookout for Halloween entertainment.

Mike- October 09, 2008
Today I came up with a fantastic discovery while talking to Bill on the phone about movies. Here it is:
  • In the new Star Wars Trillogy, the alien species E.T. is part of makes a cameo as part of the Galactic Senate.
  • In his own movie, E.T. has the ability to make bicycles fly.
  • Conclusion: E.T. is a Jedi. Not only that, but given his small stature and lack of a lightsaber he's most likely a Padowan in training.
Just think about it.

Mike- September 23, 2008
On saturday I went out and picked myself up a copy of Spore, and I must say that so far I'm very impressed. The widget below displays a collection of some the critters Bill and I made while playing around with the creation features. Oh, and that big green one? You don't wanna piss it off, srsly.

Mike- September 19, 2008
Mike- September 13, 2008
At about 2 o'clock(central) today, the Webcomic Beacon will be recording, and once again I will be making a quick drop in to talk about WAGON Webcomic Battle during the news segment of the podcast. By clicking the image you can find your way to a chatroom where you can listen to the live recording and interact with the show.
Mike- August 15, 2008
Heya everybody! It looks like the webcomic site lists are finally getting themselves all figured out. BuzzComix has returned to the fray, though sadly sans forum. They've got a pretty interesting new tech design though, so if you'd like to check it out the easiest way there is through the vote button towards the top of the page. *hint*

I'm very happy to see that our friend Wade the Fade has also gotten Choice Comics back on its feet. He also just set up a new reviewing system complete with a rank-carrying link button. So if you're ever in the mood, head on up there and maybe give PTD a nice review, then hang out in the newly budding community, and maybe even look up some new comics you've never seen before!

Mike- July 28, 2008
Heya people! Sorry to say, there's going to be a small delay in getting the new comic out. Apparently I forgot that I needed to design a new character... yeah. So in the meantime, relax and talk amoungst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: Spider-man VS. Batman, who wins? Discuss!
Mike- July 21, 2008
Voting for the "Draw to Win" Jenny Everywhere Card Contest has begun! Head on over to The Webcomic Beacon to cast your vote.

Mike- July 18, 2008
So now that we've crossed the three quarter mark towards 1,000 posts, a few changes may be in order. I don't really see the need to list off a laundry list of everything that I'm juggling at the moment, so I think I'll skip it... besides, if you know me you know most of it already.

First off, starting next week I'm going to try switching to regular updates only 3 times a week instead of 5, with Random Geekness sprinkled in... well... randomly! I'm also planning on doing some renovating work, maybe throw on a new coat of paint. In recent months I've gained a slew of new skills and I think its about time to put them to work. I'd also like to overhaul the archive, as long as I'm planning to be working on the strips themselves anyway.

Of course before I do this ANOTHER section of OnyxSparrow website is going to be worked on some, because its literally been awaiting attention for years and it would make a friend of mine very very happy. I'm just that kind of guy.

Well thats about it from me. Time to knuckle down and give this ol' place an upgrade. Expect changes in the near future as I let loose Chaos on the code. May Carl help us.

Mike- June 25, 2008

Mike- June 23, 2008

WAGON Webcomic Battle is teaming up with the infamous Shifter known as Jenny Everywhere to unleash a contest onto the masses. Free gamedecks and rare cards are up for grabs, so click the banner above to learn all the details!

Mike- June 20, 2008

Mike- June 15, 2008
Tuesday, June 17th at 9pm Central US (-6 GMT) I will be making a live apperance on The Webcomic Beacon Podcast #29. Tune in and listen as we discuss the WAGON Webcomic Battle and its origins, amoung other things!

Oh and as a little something extra, The Ancient Origins of the D-20!

Mike- June 09, 2008
Coming up on July 1st, Jamie, the creator of 67th Avenue will be holding his 3rd Annual Canada Day Swimsuit Competition, and our very own Canadian, Manda, will be entering the competition. So on the first, make sure to head over there and let Jamie know who you want to win!

While we wait for the festivities to begin, he's got another little contest for you: a coloring contest! Over Here you can see for yourself a super-duper-sized Jpeg of colorable goodness. I think there will be a prize... not sure what, but a prize notheless.

Mike- June 08, 2008
*Ahem* Heya! A small announcement... indeed the constuction on the website is still under way, but as the dust continues to stir the Deck Zero Pre-sale is Open!
Mike- June 01, 2008
Heya everybody! A new month and the world of PTD keeps spinning way...

Just a reminder, June 26th-29th is Wizard World here in the Chicagoland area, and we're already booked to head out there for the weekend. If anyone happens to be in the area feel free to drop in, as we always have a great time there. Also, Bill, myself, and our camera-minion Hotsauce are planning on going in costume for Saturday. What are we gonna be? Come and find out... or just wait for the pictures.

Also I'd like to mention that June 20th will be Manda's birthday, so if any of you guys want to make up something nifty for her I'm sure she'd be thrilled to see it!

Mike- May 19, 2008
Heya everybody! Okay, here's the deal... unfortunately Bill found out that he had to work this past weekend, so he wasn't able to go to the convention as we'd planned. It was gonna be fine though 'cause I arranged for a fabulous Guest Star to replace him, namely Juno of the awesome comic Starcrossd Destiny. Problem is, because of screwups with ACEN's website, I was never able to register for Anime Central beforehand. SOoooo I was forced to stand in line for something like six hours to do so. No joke, six hours. Suffice to say, I didn't get in with enough time to take too many picutres (not to mention too sore and depressed to really want to anymore). The couple pics I did manage to get though, I'll have up on the Zany Hijinks page soon, probably under a new "Random Shots" section or something.

Ah well... such is life. Don't worry though, next month we are definitely ready to take on Wizard World again. we'll just have to double the effort for that one!

Mike- May 08, 2008
Things are moving along around here, and the future cometh soon! I'm having a few issues at the moment though... I have a new computer now, and its in the proccess of getting loaded with programs galore, but I've got a delay while transfering my second harddrive from the old system to the new one. This is a slight problem as most of my art files are on that drive... so yeah. At the moment its not a problem since I'm not using alot of the characters or backgrounds, but if I can get it all working properly by next Monday the world will be a much happier place.

In other news, I have just recieved the first test print of the WAGON game's "Deck Zero" and, I must say, its looking pretty darn sweet. I'll try and get a snapshot of it to put up on Saturday for everyone to see. Now I REALLY need to get that harddive in so I can try and finish the offical cardgame website.

Next weekend Bill and I will be heading over to Anime Central to check out the cosplay/anime action and meet up with a few fellow webcomickers out there. I'm also planning to have a few copies of the gamedeck with me to show off, just to get a few impressions. After all, you can ALWAYS trust a girl dressed like a cat or a guy with a really big sword to give you an honest opinion.

More news as it develops. Later!

Mike- April 18, 2008
Hey everybody. I've gotten a few delays since my return from vacation, so I haven't gotten the chance to edit and post pictures from the trip quite yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get some up soon.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure the final versions of the cards for "Deck Zero" have been completed. Once I add in a few things like ID numbers and such we'll be off to the printer for a few test prints.

Mike- April 10, 2008
Hey everybody, I'm back! Wooooo.... long trip. I'll say right now, there's no question that a 2 1/2 plane ride is much much better than a 2 1/2 day car ride. I've got a good number of pictures from my lil adventure (some good some bad) and I'll try and get some of them up as soon as I can.

Today I'm going to be resting, yes indeed. For saturday I'll have little something put together, possibly another installment of "PTD on...". If anyone has a suggestion on what comic it should be on, go right ahead and shout them out! Over the weekend I'm going to be getting the FINIALIZED version of the premire WAGON Cardgame done, and then it'll be off to the printer and getting ready for printings. The backend of the WWB Website is coming along, so that should be ready for the public soon. When it is we'll see about doing a pre-order on our limited edition "Deck Zero". So stay tuned!

So what's next? Well in May the PTD crew is heading to Anime Central where I hope to meet up with a few fellow webcomickers amoung the catgirls and fanboys, and get a slew of cosplayer pics for all to enjoy. In june we'll be making our third trip out to Wizard World Chicago, which should also mark the first time the WWB Cardgame will be offered publically via the "Alpha" and "Beta" decks (offical names may be changed). Oh, and hey... if anyone out there has a suggestion of a place within a weekend trip of Chicago we should visit, we'd love to hear em.

Bill- April 09, 2008
Okay my question has been answered. And Mezz? Vietnam wasn't supposed to be won in the first place. I have proof to that. But look at it this way..we lost bout 3o thousand troops within that 10 year span of the war...They lost about 3 million troops. Lets weigh that out there. The way our army is trained we were trained to kill about ten people at a time. No joke. Yes Chuck Norris has gotten his ass kicked a few times. Bruce Lee did it..but Bruce Lee is also the Shiiit! I just want to say real quick..death to Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, and Mo Rocco! There's a reason you're on VH1 doing I love the 80's. You're not funny and you all suck hairy nuts! Okay back to Chuck Norris. All badasses get there ass handed to them a few times in their lives. Win some lose some. Every time you lose though you grow stronger. I've been in a lot of scraps, I come out on top mostly because I give no warning before I strike, and the moves I do bring you to your knees in one fluid hit. I don't do it so much anymore cuz paying peoples hospital visits gets expensive. There's one thing I hate, People who pick a fight, get there ass kicked leading to a crushed trachia, and they call the cops. I'm still paying that one off! So Chuck Norris may have been beaten a few times, but he always comes back to fuck you up. Mike shall return tomorrow. I had fun this week..C u all next time!
Bill- April 08, 2008
It's that time again! Firefox has still not answered my question. Cheeky bastard. Heh heh, british cursing is cool. Anyway I hope I've entertained you all this past week. I know I've also offended you, apology? probably not. *cough* Miss Penis *cough* suck a cock *cough* fuck ya *cough* so I watched Saw IV today. Another good installment of the series. Please tell me you redcoats out there have at least heard of that series. If not, now you have, so go watch them! In my absence please rise up to show these Brits what Americans watch! Bollocks! As for British badasses? I think maybe Clive Owen might be making his way up! Except he's only had two real badass starring roles, Sin City and Shoot em up. After those two movies I forgive him for Closer. Now time for another answer to everyday questions. #3 Mom or Dad: " Viper did you take money from my wallet?" Viper responds: " Of course not, but I tried to stop the ninja that did!"
Bill- April 07, 2008
This is for you Ace of Spades. What would I do for a Klondike bar? Cake or death? Well I like cake..and I deal with death on a daily basis. Hmmmm..I think for now I'd go with cake. probably cuz I'm just plain hungry right now. Oh yeah and Firefox..are you taking your name from the Clint Eastwood flik? If so..Fucking nice! To all you Brits out there..Clint Eastwood is almost the last American badass to Chuck Norris of course. If you don't know who either of them are..that sux. Whos a British badass? David Beckham? Sorry couldn't resist that one. Or could I? Mwahahaha. Anyway onto business..I notice Miss Penis hasn't been saying anything. I also want to thank all of you for your support in fighting facists like him, or her. Hermaphrodite person thing. To the Brits..please go on Ebay and get yourselves some movies with Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Charlton Heston, Sylevester Stallone..that should get you off to a good start. I'm sure Viper can help me name a few choice flix in the comment box. Now for another session of Answers to everyday questions. Mom: " Viper why aren't the dishes done? Viper responds: " you know I been sitting here all day watching T.V wondering the same thing." Readers..let's band together to show these Brits why we won the revolution! Tell them the glorys of American Action Cinema!
Bill- April 06, 2008
Okay here we go. First I want to say..I don't do t.v shows. People that speak like me end up killed by the government. Ghandi..MLK..Malcolm X..John Lennon etc. Second, sad news today..Charlton Heston has died. Very sad day for me right now. Big fan of his, he was my President as I'm an avid member of the NRA. Last, shut up! Who the hell are you? Go home and cry. From here on are dubbed Miss Penis. Now for answers to everyday questions Number 1: Teacher: Viper why isn't your homework done? Viper responds: George Lucas made Greedo shoot first and you're worried about my homework? Stop by tomorrw for another one. Sad right now so I'm going.
Bill- April 06, 2008
Wow I guess I made an impression on somebody. There's more news coming tonight..along with a series I'm starting called..Geek excuses to use throughout everyday life. These will result in shrugging of shoulders, rolls of the eyes, shaking of heads, and stares of cunfusion. Bottom line..the question will be answered and the subject dropped instantly. Since Viper has stuck around all this time, he is now a Bill Familiar. I will be using him as an example for this series. Tune in tonight.
Bill- April 05, 2008
YAY!!! MIKE MADE IT TO FLORIDA!! Sucks about the drive but at least he made it down there. Viper you're right. I've heard the RFID Chip..just a little something more to put the leash on every person in the country and soon the whole world. They want me to get one of those..they'll have to do it by force! So there I was at home..when these X-tian peeps knocked upon my door. They ask me if I've taken Jesus Christ as my lord and savior..I told them no..but i've taken Odin as that though. They tell me I'm a blasphemer..I say uh uh..They try to hand me a pamphlet and I tell them no. I then begin making gutteral sounds, and shaking my head violently..yelling in gibberish, quicker than the eye plunge of the finger down the throat making me yak on the ground. They turned tail and ran thinking I was possessed. So here's to you X-tian Thumpers out there..LEAVE THE WORD TO YOURSELF!! DON'T TRY TO CRAM IT DOWN PEOPLES THROATS! TAKE THE HINT..DOORS ARE SLAMMED IN YOU FACE FOR A REASON! Blasphemer? Me? I think it is you who is the blasphemer trying to convince me there's a man living in the clouds that always needs money! Money for what?! Redecorating the clouds? Your gonna send my money to Jesus? If you're in contact with him..please send him my way..I want to file a complaint against you shitheels! If you do return I'll send George Takei to your houses to show you a strange new world! He'll boldly go where no man has gone before. That is if you're a true believer..not queer. Oops..not politically correct there..homosapiens! Fuck the government always confuses me on what to say to not be i've given up. Bottom line..George will leave you broken wet and confused with a bleeding asshole. But George, honestly, you're always gonna be cool in my book! Just don't come to my house if I'm there alone. Now a word on nutrition..fuck you Vegans! I take pleasure knowing I eat dead animals! Damn they taste good on the grill! Lifes short..Eat what you want, you're all gonna die anyway! Live it up! P.S. You X-tians come on to's like attack of the fucking Ward Cleavers with you people! Stop it! Or I will make Corey Feldman eat you all! Good night and good luck.
Bill- April 05, 2008
Hello everybody! I'm writing a little late because I got off work late. Just to let you know..if your of age to drink..tip your bartenders! I spent the whole nite serving this guy drinks, he wanted extra alcohol and all kinds of things..I took care of him. End of the nite he tips me a fucking buck! So this is what I have to say to him...Fuck you you dickless baby-fucking hermaphrodidic anal retentive Priest loving Michael Jackson fan dipshit! With a side of Tom Cruise! Tip your bartenders's short, don't be a dick! He's an example of the guy who sits at home beating his meat to reruns of Leave it to Beaver..cuz the mom sez " Ward I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night." Also becuase he's to shitting cheap to go buy himself some porn. AND VIPER!!! What's up? Tip your bartenders and fuck the government who decieves you every waking moment of your lives! They want everything to be "politically correct" Well I've got something politically correct swingin! I hope that cow boofer turns into a zombie so I can splatter his brains everywhere! I should call down Jesus..the original zombie to bite him! That's right people..I went there..given a chance..I'll do it again. So tomorrow I'll tell you the story of my run in with a X-tian group. Till then..I don't know just be here for it.
Bill- April 03, 2008
Well here's the new stuff. I'm suprised I was able to remember this stuff. Haha. Flounder. Anyway, being away for a long time has made many forget bout me. How the hell does this happen? Dude gets put into a cage and forgotten about! Damn that sucks monkey foo foo stick! I posted the new stuff and now I don't know what comes next..Shall I do a trick! Shall I make Flounder do a striptease to the theme song of Different Strokes? Or shall I go egg the neighbors house? Ding dong ditch? You decide! Being a bartender is a lot of fun..yes thats what I do now..There was a banquet I had to bartend for..A Church Dinner..where the pastor was bashing white people and bashing the country..I wanted to beat his ass..but left it alone. I thought sermons were supposed to touch and make you feel good about life. Tell the truth, last time I was touched in church is when the priest invited me into the confessional booth to look at some kittens he had. SHAME ON YOU FATHER! The Church system is a fraud! That's right I said it, now the question is..What you gonna do bout it?
Bill- April 03, 2008
Heeeeeere's Bill! From here on out I will be taking over. Any questions or comments please feel free to address them..and depending on the comment or question you might get a nice answer. Go forth and question The Bill.
Bill- April 02, 2008
ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! Bill is back! I've been a bad boy...and had to be punished, Thank you Asian massage parlors! Not to mention thank you to the correctional facilities of this facist state. Anyway..starting tomorrow I'll be your host for the next week, so just a fair warning to the newbies..if you are offended easily, just a warning..I am very profane, graphic and offensive. I tend to fuck up a lot..not while hunting zombies though. I'm still the best in the biz! I look forward to meeting all the newbies and conversing with ya'll. It's gonna be great! For those of you who didn't believe I existed.. Be prepared. For those of you that knew me before..Viper..I look forward to chatting with you again. Til tomorrow..laters.
Mike- March 26, 2008
Heya people! Things have been a little screwy here lately... my computer is going all kinds of fubar. To compensate for that I've been making comics in the morning instead of at night the last few days, ya know to let the computer get a good night's rest before having to work again. Fortunately this is an issue that will be soon be resolved as I just bought myself a brand-spankin' new computer. All I'm doing now is waiting for some software and we'll be back on track hardcore. Please bear with me folks, we might have a little unstable updating for a few days, but in the end we'll be running better than ever.

By the by, I'm hoping to wrap up the current storyline within the next week. Then I'll be taking a short break to go visit family in Florida... I'm scheduled to leave on the eve of April fourth. Don't fret though! While the storyplot will be on hold, the almighty Bill Himself will be watching over the site for a few days, and I'm sure he'll have plenty of stories to tell you all. When I get back I'll try to get something up that friday, but if not we'll be resuming the comic as normal on the 14th.

Mike- March 17, 2008
Hey everybody, just a quick note to announce that today is the 5th Anniversary of the awesome.con webcomic known as "Sarah Zero". If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recomend that you do!
Mike- March 12, 2008

Yes it's wrong... but also funny as hell so I thought I'd share.

Mike- March 07, 2008
Helle everybody... sorry, but there's not going to be a new comic today due to me computer gett all glitchy on me. But fear not! We'll have today's comic post up on saturday instead.
Mike- March 05, 2008
I'm very sad to inform you that yesterday Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons and the Grandfather of the RolePlaying Game, has passed away... R.I.P. good sir, where you go every throw comes up a natural 20. *bows*
Mike- March 02, 2008
Heya people, hope you guys are having a good St. Patrick's Day. While we don't have a special comic for holiday this weekend, we DO have a round 13 of The SuperFrame Contest. If any of you haven't checked it out yet, I recomend you head over to the forum and get in on the action.
Mike- February 27, 2008
I am a d4

Take the quiz at

Just a little random geekness... can't decide whether its totally wrong, or oddly correct.

Mike- February 15, 2008
Heya everybody! I hope you all had a happy Valentines Day. Despite the burning retinas it caused, our second year in the V-Day Nudity event seems to have gone pretty well... in fact it looks like PTD has jumped it's way to the frontpage of the Buzzcomix List! Currently ranked at 74 to be precise. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I think that's pretty awesome. Thanks to everybody who go out there and voted yesterday, and to everybody who continues to support the website.

My next big task will be something else that should be fun, the [i] Blind Date where Manda will be heading out to meet up with some lucky character from another comic. Don't worry though, I'll be posting up the results as soon as it's finished... probably on a Saturday to come soon.

Mike- January 25, 2008
So this comic bascially concludes the fight against "Uncle Ghastly" and the rescue of the Drunken Masters. But who is this mysterious Ninja? What about the fight between Steve and The Captain? What happened to The Commander during all this? These questions and more will be answered when the comic continues!

In the meantime, next week is Prepare to Die's second year aniversary, so next week I've got a spiffy collection of guest art for you all to enjoy amoung other things. On February 4th the comic will resume as normal, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy a little breather and maybe make some progress on some of my other projects.

Mike- January 20, 2008

The nominations are pouring in... there's a rumor that PTD might be in the pile somewhere... if anyone out there wants to add a few more nominations to the pile we certainly wouldn't mind. *grin*

Mike- January 18, 2008
We're setting up for a bunch of activities in the near future. In two weeks is PTD's second anniversary, and like last year to celebrate we'll be having week of guest comics. If anyone is still interested in sending something to join in on the festivities they'd be more than welcome... and anything we get that sends us over the needs of the week we'll post up on saturdays of the weeks to come.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and once again we'll be participating in the "V-Day Nudity" event the same as last year. We're ALSO going to be participating in the "Insignificant Comcis Blind Date" event, where one of PTD's characters will be sent on a blind date with a character from another comic in a colaborative mini-story arc. Both events promise to be entertaining. If anyone has a suggestion about who they'd like to be the subjects of the upcoming artworks, let your voice be heard.

Mike- January 15, 2008
Hey everybody... I spent most of last night wrestling with my computer. Don't worry though, the comic should resume tomorrow.
Mike- January 13, 2008
Heya everybody! Just a quick note today to let you all know that the Kitten of Chaos has begun to spread his influence to other websites. Why the webcomic "Indifferently Evil" is currently enjoying a bit of that Chaos magic. Where he'll show up next? Who knows!
Mike- January 05, 2008
Wow... I was so focused on PTD crossing the 600 mark that it totally slipped my mind that we're less than a month away from our 2nd year anniversay! Time sure does fly, eh? I've gotta start planning out something special to mark the day, perhaps something along the same lines as last year's week of guest art. Hrmm...

In other news, I'm growing closer and closer to the unveiling of a project that should to be simply awesome once it's finished. (Some of you forumites already have some inklings of what's in the works.) Look out for a brand new phenom in webcomicry soon, probably within the next month. It's not entirely PTD-related, but the comic is definitely involved!

Mike- December 29, 2007
Well we're here, today marks the comic's 600th Post. Good gravy that's a huge number... to be honest it doesn't seem like we've been going at it that long. I guess that's a good thing though, cause then I probably won't be getting bored anytime soon! I can't thank the fans enough for all the support you give us. We may not have the biggest crowd out there, but by golly we're havin' fun.

To help celebrate our 600th post, it's been hinted we're going to have a mention on a cool little podcast called The Webcomic Beacon. I'm not usually one for podcasts, but this one seems pretty spiffy so far. If you get the chance check it out!

Mike- December 07, 2007
Just as a lil heads up for your holiday hopefulls, we've just added a few new items to our revamped Online Store including a number of Bill items and a brand new Mr. Snuggles shirt for the ladies. So if you're looking for that last minute christmas gift, spread a lil PTD goodness.
Mike- November 18, 2007
Wooo... boy I'm getting tired lately. It's very interesting to make the switch in schedules from my usual evenings to the all-day work effort. Functioning during daylight is definitely an experience. It ticks me off a little though, since I seem to be naturally more creative at night, and now my nights are severely shorter. Ah well, we'll keep pluggin' away... maybe that bright ball of death will bring a kind of inspiration of it's own.
Mike- November 08, 2007
Heya! Amoung other news for today, it just so happens to be my birthday. "Why haven't I made more of a deal about it?" some of you may ask. Well it's because last week I started a brand new job and quite frankly I've been exausted as I've gotten used to my new schedule. No worries though, I'm still on top of things around here. With some of the new Mad Skillz I'm in the proccess of aquiring the ol' website may get a face lift one of these days... ya know, if I find the time between all the OTHER stuff I have going on. Later!
Mike- October 05, 2007
Heya people! Things go well aboard the PTD Express, and as we head into the holiday season we're looking forward to celebrations abound. Halloween is always a favorite for us, and to add to the fun we're going to be participating in the first anual [i] Costume Contest. The theme hasn't been totally nailed down yet... but I think the vote is leaning towards 80's Television Characters. I know, at first that doesn't seem very halloweeny, but some of those shows were SCARY. Before that we'll also be participating in the 24-hour Comic Day. That's right, new PTD every hour on the hour for one day. We'll see how that goes, but I'm planning out a lil something special.

Some of you may or may not know, but the wonders of the internet lets webmasters (such as myself) recieve very interesting lil tidbits about their site's visitors... oh nothing important, just things like popularity of browser type or screen resoultion. Well it recently came to my attention that there's a small number of PTD readers that are checking us out on those spiffy lil Pocket PCs, which I just think rocks as all get out. I was wondering if anybody out there might be able to email me a picture of such a thing, for my own amusement and probably a posting on an upcoming saturday. If you want, I might be able to dig up a couple buttons or something from the convention to send your way for the trouble.


Mike- September 27, 2007
Heya! Just a quick heads up for everybody, we've got ourselves our first cameo. That's right, if you head on over to a lil webcomic called "Roomies" you'll get to see the beginings of a few comics guest starring Chuck in the role he was born to play... an incompotent thug! Check it out!
Mike- September 18, 2007
Heya people! Some of you might have noticed a few new things around the front page, most of them being orange 'i's. No it's not some new bacterial infection.. PTD has joined up with a new comic collective called [i]nsignificant comics. Being on the ground floor of this newly budding group we'll see how things roll, but so far it looks pretty cool. You guys can look forward to some new events in the near future, including a possible participation in a 24 Hour Comic event that should be right spiffy indeed. More to come as things develop. Later!
Mike- September 09, 2007
Heya people! Just a quick note to let you guys know I finally got around to updating the Bios page. I've still got a few more to add I think, but most should be there now.
Mike- September 01, 2007
Glory Be, a brand new month and a brand new milestone for PTD. Our comic, just about a year and a half old, has turned 500 today! I've got tell you, when we started this comic back at the begining of 2006, I wasn't sure we'd get this far. I mean, statistically most webcomics don't make it past 50 posts... and to make it all the way to 500, posting six days a week, and still having a ton of stuff still in the works, well I'm just proud as heck!

Of course we never would have kept it going without the support and encouragement of our readers. It's you guys that keep me plugging away at this thing night after night, constantly trying to come up with new content for everyone to enjoy. We can't thank you enough for everything!

Mike- August 15, 2007
Heya everybody! Just taking a sec to say...

Mike- August 13, 2007
Heya everybody! Whoo that was a long weekend, like a marathon of Geekness... Sorry about the problems we aparently had with the guest comics, apparently while I'm away Chaos will play. All in all it looks like Mac held up under the pressure and pulled through though, so many thanks for his help out this weekend. Over the next week I'll be trying to get a new 90 or so pictures into the Zany Hijinks section.

I got to meet some really cool people this year, including fellow webcomickers BMan from "Soul Chaser Betty" and Tom Brazelton from "Theatre Hopper. I'm going to be digging through my goodie bags so I can get a list of all the awesome people I ran into and give them all some proper plugage.

Oh... so many great things... More to come as it all gets sorted out!

Mike- August 08, 2007
Heh, and so tomarrow we're off to Wizard World Chicago to reclaim the battleground of a year past... will the goblin return to attack BabyCuz? Will the looting be all the sweeter?? Will our special guest host completely obliterate the website in my absence??? Tune in for the rest of the week and find out!

See ya Monday everybody!!

Mike- August 01, 2007
Heya everybody! A few of you noticed the points of downtime that we had the last few days. Well it seems somebody out there was playing with the site's hosting server and kinda overloaded them... no worries though! The matter should be resolved at this point, so we're back to our regularly scheduled website.

Many things are on the way... we're off to Wizard World Chicago next weekend. But don't fret, we're not leaving you guys unattended. A special guest will be handling the comic updates for a few days with a very special sideplot of his own.

Oh, and of course today is the first of a brand new month, and we all know what that means: time for the toplist scramble for posistion. So please today, of all days, take a few seconds to clicky through our vote buttons towards the top of the page.

For those of you who browse the forums, you already know there are some big things afoot on for all of you that don't know yet, drop on by and see what's the skinny. Later!

Mike- July 25, 2007
Alrighty, we're just about two weeks away from our triumphant return to Wizard World Chicago! Tickets are being purchased, hotel rooms have been arranged, and BabyCuz has been brought up to date for her vaccinations. If anybody out there plans on being there, drop us a line and we'd be happy to have a plesant howdy-do... just look for the guy carrying around the giant purple D-20 and you've probably found us. Oh the collecting of freebies promises to be sweet indeed!!
Mike- July 13, 2007
Heya everybody! Not much to say at the moment really... the comic is still chuggin' away, there's alot of stuff going on in the backroom around here, oh and I just noticed that not too long ago we just clocked in at over 100,000 unique visitors! Thanks to everyone who's stopped by to give us a look and VERY big thank you for all of you that have stuck around! More PTD in the works and alot more, so stay tuned. Later!
Mike- July 04, 2007

Mike- June 21, 2007
Wow, it's just a time for birthdays! On the 20th we celebrated Manda's birthday... and now on the 23rd is BabyCuz's birthday (check out the Zany Hijinks if you don't know who she is), then on the 26th is a celebration of the birth of our very own Time/Space Mage, and last but not least one of our oldest friends Rhea is having a birthday the 29th! Is there anyone else who liked to added to the list I missed?
Mike- June 01, 2007
Hey everybody! It's been while since I've put up an update I know, but it's been pretty busy with the updating of the rest of and my continued hunt for people willing to pay me for services. *cough* Web designer services...

With just over a month untill Wizard World Chicago, we're busily collecting money to help pay for the trip. Our major goal is to get enough money to fly Manda in from Canada to come with us... hehe, so if anybody would like to see pictures of a united Team PTD this year, we'd be thrilled to recieve a donation or a T-shirt purchase to help us out.

In other news it's the first of the month and that means the Voting Sites are going to reset. So today, of all days, please help us out by hitting the vote buttons at the top of the page and help us fight for starting posistions!

As always, there's more in the works behind the scenes so look out for more good times in the coming weeks. Later!

Mike- May 01, 2007
Hello! I've got a few things to cover... First off, as many of you have already noticed we've got a brand new comment box to play with which should work MUCH better than the old one. If anyone's having problems with it, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Secondly, we're creeping up on reaching 400 Comics any day now, and we're wracking our brains to come up with something special to do in celebration. And thirdly, Saturday May 5th will once again be Online Comics Day where we'll be making something spiffy to contribute to the celebration! This means the SuperFrame Contest will be bumbed back a week, so take this opportunity to get your entry in and reap the glory. More news when it comes, later!
Mike- April 21, 2007
Heya everyone! It look like the current chapter of the comic should be wrapping up pretty soon, and plans for the next chapter are fleshing out. Meanwhile, I just posted up the next round of the SuperFrame Contest up on the forums, so if you haven't yet head on over there and check it out!

In other news, the coding for a new Reviews section of WAGON is getting finished up, and once some cleanup is finished I'll be opening it up to the public. Bill has promised to write a slew of movie rants for you all to enjoy, and I've gotten hints from Manda that she'll be covering the Music scene. If anyone else is interested in submitting some reviews we'll be accepting them soon, so drop us a note if you're interested in helping out!

Plenty more is in the works... thanks to you all, your support and input is apreciated!

Mike- April 01, 2007
It's April Fool's Day! No tricks around here... or are there?? Hrmm, since it's a brand new month today and we need to fight our way up the comic ranks again, maybe you should hit the voting buttons and find out!
Mike- March 24, 2007
Heya folks! There's a few things I'd like to mention if you don't mind. I've just finished updating the first 30 comics of PTD for spelling errors and general enhancement to bring them up to snuff. Only about 150 left to go... *sigh*. Also, our good friend Latverielle is doing very well in her Navy training schools, but alas since she left we've fallen behind in one of her efforts to help us out around here... namely, the transcribing of comics to make them searchable and easier to find. So if anyone would like to pitch in and help out that'd be great! It's not hard really... just go into the archives and if you see a button at the bottom of the page that says "Transcribe this comic", click it. If people could help out with getting that done it would be a GREAT help!!

In other news, I'd like to give a shout-out to our friends over at Value=Dead_ who are celebrating their one year anniversary today! Head on over there and there's a chance you might see a special guest art I made for them to help them party with a little Chaos.

Mike- March 17, 2007
Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! There's nothing like a holiday that so many people seem to celebrate just by turning everything green and drinking...

Speaking of drinking, this month's round of the SuperFrame Contest has that in spades. So for any of you who haven't joined in on our on-going contest, jump on over to the OS Forums and flex that creative muscle!

Mike- March 01, 2007
Hello everybody! Most of you have probably already noticed, our planned trip to the "Fangoria Weekend of Horrors" was cancelled, mostly due to a lack of funding... good golly those tickets are expensive! But no worries, we're looking into other zany hijinks to have between now and our return to Wizard World Chicago. There's even rumors that Manda may have a few things planed...

In other news, it's a brand new month, which means a new SuperFrame will be on it's way soon. The voting buttons have also reset themselves today, so it's time to scramble for posistion! Please help us out, today of all days, and take a few seconds to vote to PTD so we can continue to reach even more readers and eventually rule the world... or something... I guess... I haven't figured out what we're actually gonna do with all that power yet.

Anywho, later!

Mike- February 14, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone's had themselves a spiffy time, whether it's out doing the romance or doing the hating of those that do there's good times for all! This year of V-day, PTD was very happy to be part of a cool little tradition called V-Day nudity (Again I apologize... had to be done, I'm twisted like that :P). If you'd like to see some of the other participants, they've got spiffy webcomics out there that you should check out!!

Sarah Zero
Sticky Fingers
Star Cross'd Destiny
Clayton Heat

Mike- February 04, 2007
Heya everybody! I just wanted to again thank everyone who contributed to our first anniversary celebration. Tomarrow is monday, and now that the party is over the comic will resume tomarrow on it's regular schedule.

I would also like to note that is now the proud (and somewhat apropriate) affiliate of, bringer of wacky and idiotic items for all your twisted little needs.

Mike- January 31, 2007

Mike- January 19, 2007
Hello People! We've got about 10 days untill the celebration begins around here, and we've got a few slots left for guest art. If anyone has an interest in making some guest art to get posted up during our anniversary week now's the chance to get in there. If you're interested but don't have any ideas, you can always head over to our Extras section and use a few sprites from our handy Sprite Sheets on display.
Mike- January 05, 2007
Heya everybody! We're getting really close to a special day... what day is that you ask? Well it COULD be that next week we'll be reaching Comic #300... but no, as great as that is we've got something better!

January 30th, a short 3 1/2 weeks from now, PTD will be One Year Old! *huzah* And to celebrate we're going to be trying to put together a spiffy week of guest comics, fan art, and Random Geekness for all! Wanna help us celebrate? For anything you'd like to contribute to the festivities, send it to us at
PrepareToDie at

Everyone who participates will get honnorable mentions, a day on the front page, a permanant link in our Archives, AND a place in our Extras section. And if we happened to get more than we need for the week? Why, we'll use em every saturday for Random Geekness untill their gone... and we'll probably save a few to use during out upcomming trip to Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Febuary as well ^_^.

Any questions or comments? Drop us a note with our contact page or come on by the forums, we're always around someplace!

Mike- January 01, 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *huzah* Here's to another year of good times to be had by all! We've got alot of stuff in the works around here, so look foward to a whole new slew of fun and entertainment from me and the crew.
Speaking of new, it's a whole new month as well. That means it's once again time to battle for position on the ranking sites... so if you like what we do around here today, of all days, please take a few moments to click a few of the voting buttons above the comic. Thanks alot!

Mike- December 26, 2006
Happy Holidays everybody! We've got a bit of a lazy week going on around here between Christmas and New Years, but we're still going strong. I hope everyone's had some great wintery-celebrationy goodness! Speaking of celebrations, we've got a couple birthdays around this time. Happy Birthdays go out to the forumites Viper and Itsumo! Double celebrations, double the giftings... good times for all!!
Mike- December 14, 2006
Heya people! you may or may not have noticed, but I made a few tweeks to the main page today. It's not much of a change, but the page looks a bit neater and the code is DEFINITELY cleaner than it was. A few other changes might be comming to spruce the place up a little soon as I play with a few things. If anyone has any suggestions on making the comic look or function better, please feel free to drop us a comment. Later!
Mike- December 11, 2006
Today I'd like to make the announcement that one of our number will be leaving for awhile. Our friend, Latverielle, is leaving on a grand adventure for at least the next nine weeks. She has been here since the begining of itself... in fact she helped pay for it as my birthday present four years ago. Though she's not seen often, she's been working in the background wherever she can, even voting for the comic every single day since it's creation ten months ago.

Good luck Lat! We'll see you when you get back, and I'll keep the place tidy.

Oh... and one other thing... WE'RE GOING INTO BATTLE!!!
Vote For Us on Webcomic Battle!

Mike- December 01, 2006
Well it's the first of the month again, and it's time for the voting sites to reset their counts. Be sure to help us fight for starting posistions by hitting the vote buttons today. We surely apreciate it, and if you want to throw us some votes on other days during the month that's awesome too!!

So we finally getting around to setting up the new ranking system on the forums. We've got temporary images for all the ranks set up, but unfortunately most ranks don't really have titles yet. If you've got any suggestions for rank titles we've love to heard em.

That's about it for the moment. We'll bring some more updates soon on a few of the projects that are in the works around here. Later!

Mike- November 24, 2006
Hello everyone! Hope our American friends had a good Thanksgiving, cause I sure did. Good golly, the eatings that were had!

Amoung my other prime activities as of late was my absolute domination of Kingdom Hearts 2. As a fan of the quality of gameplay and storyplot of the first one, I must say I'm slighty disapointed in the sequel... the ending was way too short and left much open-ended. Things like this irk me, as it's obviously trying to set up for a third game. But it's a pretty spiffy game full of a ton of mini-games and hidden treasures if you're into the 100% completion side of things. Once again Sephinroth is begging for a few WHAPS o' me blade... just a few more levels and he will be mine. Oh yes he WILL be mine!

This weekend the current SuperFrame contest on the forums ends, so get your last minute entries in. Later!

Mike- November 17, 2006
Heya people! Well I got a late birthday present today, and I'm now the proud owner of a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2. I haven't gotten far yet, dispite playing for about four hours... but that's because I was spending the time hanging posters for munny and grinding around on my skateboard. The game's amusing as all get out and I haven't even fought any enemies yet!

I think it's about time I got to laying the smackdown on some Nobodies... later!

Mike- November 08, 2006
Heya people! Yes indeed, today is my birthday... and yes indeed I went and got myself the nastiest flu bug to ever be concieved of by man or nature. I'm going to try and get back on track with the comic tonight, but we'll see what I'm able to stay awake long enough to make.

I also wanted to mention that I'm very proud to have noticed that "Prepare to Die" has crossed the benchmark of reccieving over 50,000 unique visitors! Thank you to everyone who's come by to check us and out and especially to those who have lent us their support. It's totally awesome to have fans that enjoy our little webcomic so much!

In other news, it's about that time again, and so the stores have re-released our popular "Chaotic Christmas" items for the holiday season. Spread the gift of Chaos to those you love!

More as things develop. Later!

Mike- November 01, 2006
It's the first of the month again, and that means it's time for the webcomic lists to reset themselves again! Today, out of all days of the month, Please help support this comic by clicking the voting comics towards the top of the page, and help us battle for posistion to start off the new month. Thanks everybody!
Mike- October 31, 2006
Happy Halloween everybody! Yes, we here at PTD love Halloween more that just about every other holiday. Well except Arbor Day, that kicks ass... >.>

Anyway, since I happened to have a handfull of Zombie Guys around here I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to start tossing around some holiday comics. It's a little off-track from the comic content, as Bill isn't a Zombie Hunter here... only in real life. Or is he? Reality and Fantasy blurring... *passes out*

Mike- October 26, 2006
Hey people! I'm sure you've noticed the MySpace buttons just above this new postings colum, which will link you to our individual Spaces, and Bill's is finally up and running! If you wantto drop by Mike's Space, I've got up a special video project of mine right now featuring a Superhero I've created. Perhaps one day soon it will become something more... but for now enjoy the mystery of who "The Mighty" could possibly be. Also, I've got up some new T-shirts there from so check em out!
Mike- October 20, 2006
For those of you who haven't noticed yet, is now hosting its's own on-site forum! We're breaking away from the freebie board of old and getting into something a little closer to home. this new board will cover itself, the mIRC RPG #Vampire_Underground_Caves, and be the offical home of W.A.G.O.N. amongst other things.

Any members of the old forum that haven't yet, please try to make the migration over to the new forum and register a new account, and for those of you who haven't yet this is a great time to jump in on the new forum to put in your own two cents about how it should be set up. Any old members can message me with their new acounts, and I'll be happy to give them an exclusive membership into the "Vetran Member" group to show off your spiffiness.

Mike- October 17, 2006
Hehe, well I just did something silly. In an attempt to work on making a new tagBoard, I uploaded a new version of a database that now contains a table with fields to make the board off of... unfortunately I forgot to download the database before changing and re-uploading so I kinda lost about 2 months of news posts. On the bright side this isn't too much of a loss, but a good lesson for the future right?

Oh yes, we keep working away on this grand project of ours, even if we hammer our thumbs once in awhile.

Mike- August 18, 2006
Hello everyone! Business is booming around here. If you haven't noticed, we've opened our new section called "A Complete Waste of Time" on the nav bar that takes you to our new list of spiffy places around the net to go and spend some time. If anyone has sites they think should be added, feel free to drop us a line and we'll see about getting them up. In other news, the next photo page of our Wizard World Chicago trip is up so go check that out in the "Zany Hijinks" section. In case you missed the convention, a little trip has been planned for a couple weeks from now to take us to The Bristol Renaissance Faire! Yes, the PTD Crew actually IN a midevil setting... leting the LARPing being!
Mike- August 17, 2006
Heya everybody! The next batch of pics from Wizard World Chicago is ready, so look out for more convention adventure in the next day or so. Another project is also about ready to be opened up as well that I think will be pretty cool. Stay tuned, there's plenty in the works around here!
Mike- August 15, 2006
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Mike- August 11, 2006
Hello! Just a quick note to let everbody know the first page of Wizard World pics is up in the "Zany Hijinks" section. There's a ton more, and I've got to get to editing... we'll get more up as soon as we can.
Mike- August 07, 2006
Wizard World Chicago is over and we have many many MANY pictures from the convention to sort through. I'll be getting them as soon as I can, so look out for content in the Zany Hijinks area within the next week.
Mike- August 04, 2006
Heya! The convention continues and we've got some great picutres, a ton of free stuff, and even more to come! This saturday's Random Geekness was given to us by Scott from, which I think alot of our gamer audience can apreciate. I'll be sorting through pics and getting them up as soon as I can. Later!
Mike- August 03, 2006
Hey people! Today was the first day of Wizard World Chicago, and if you can tell from the comic I whipped up I'm pretty tired at the moment. We met some really cool people though and got a ton of freebies, including a spiffy free backpack thing to put it all in! we took a bunch of pictures and we'll be taking more all weekend. Once I get the chance to sort though them all I'll start posting the convention adventures in the new "Zany Hijinks" section.
Bill- August 01, 2006
Hello everyone! I'm back on the page. Had some troubles at home I had to deal with. So to all of you that keep asking about me...(Viper)...I'm still here and now talking again. Goin to Wizard World is gonna rock! I'm taking Babycuz because she's down with the Geekness and knows how to take pictures like nobodys bizz! For your safety I would recommend not messing with her, cuz he's kinda like me. Prone to Ultra-violent acts! I'm soon gonna put her through the Zombie Slaying School. See you all at Wizard World! I'm gonne look just like my Comic Character in Prepare to Die. See ya'll there. Viper?
Mike- July 28, 2006
Heya, today we have the winner of July's SuperFrame contest, Itsumo! Congratulations... yes it really IS that easy to win. We'll have to see if he comes up with something to put in the banners to replace Yukusue for the month of August. Later!
Mike- July 24, 2006
Only nine days till Wizard World, and I've purchased the tickets. At the moment, we're trying to recruit Bill's cousin to be our Camera Girl, so we'll definitely have a bunch of pictures to show off.

At the moment I'm throwing out some invites on other sites for guest comics to help us out... hopefully we won't need them and I'll also have time to keep up with the comic during that weekend, but just in case it would be very nice to have a few on hand. If we don't use them though, we'll be keeping guest art around for future Random Geekness saturdays so they'll be sure to still get their day in the sun.

Mike- July 21, 2006
Hello everyone! Just a few quick things I'd like to mention. First off, there's been a few complaints that the links at the top of the page weren't very noticable. To fix that, there's roll-over buttons now... shiney roll-over buttons. One of the buttons is labeled "Zany Hijinks" and doesn't do anything yet. That button will start functioning when we launch the new section being built to house our adventures at conventions and other places as we do them. Logically, the section will open sometime after the Wizard World Chicago show so stay tuned! One last thing is that this is the last week for the SuperFrame Contest this month, so if anyone still wants to get in on it now's the time to do it. Later!
Mike- July 19, 2006
Lookie lookie... we have reached comic #150! That's a solid number right there, and it's only a short jump to reaching 200 Comics from here. Oh yes, we're moving right along... and to make it even better we've just passed 25,000 unique visitors!! Thank you everyone for your continued support!
Mike- July 17, 2006
*Sigh* The Comment Box makes me sad today... but we'll keep working on it!
Mike- July 13, 2006
Heya people, it seems that the Comment Box is acting up again... not sure why, but once again that's the problem with using free drop-in code. Untill it figures itself out, please use the Forum to make your comments. I check the forum on a daily basis, so all of your questions WILL be answered. To me, this is the last straw for these glitches, and so I'm going to start coding a Comment Box of my own that I KNOW will work properly. Stay with us folks! We're little problem solvers around here.
Mike- July 11, 2006
Hey, just thought I'd make a little update on the Wizard World Effort. Resources are being pooled and handouts are being designed, and it looks like we're deffiniatly going to be participating in the festivities. The real desciding vote was that one of our readers made a donation to us to help out! With that kind of support, how can we possibly say no? Thank you Reader, whoever you are! I can't express how much a gesture like that means to us.
Mike- July 08, 2006
Hello everyone! There some talk going on around the office, and PTD might be heading off to Chicago's Wizard World in August. The only snag is we've gotta see if we can afford it... hehe, donations would be spiffy! More information as things progress, but if we get out there I'll be building a new section of the site and posting pictures of our wacky adventures at the convention.
Mike- July 04, 2006
Hurrah! Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Explosions and grilly food goodness abounds.

Mike- June 29, 2006
Hi everyone, new contests are starting up this weekend! Round 2 of the SuperFrame contest is about to begin, and Manda's started a wallpaper contest with the prize being a CD from her band! Yes indeed we give away the free things!

In other news, today is our long time forum member Rhea's birthday! She's been around since the begining and we're happy to have her. Drop on by and leave her a note so we can let the party begin!

Mike- June 24, 2006
Heya everybody! Well it looks like we've got the winner of the first SuperFrame Contest, our friend Yukusue from Book of Apocalypse. As such, he now has his spiffy banner hanging around the website for the next month. Want to replace him with your own ad?? The next round will be starting up soon!

In other news I happily just noticed that we've reached 20,000 unique visitors! Thanks to everyone who comes around to read our comic... We'll keep cranking out entertainment as long as you keep commin' around!

Mike- June 20, 2006

Manda- June 14, 2006
If there is one thing that I hate, it's people talking to the twins... I mean, they're nice yea.. but.. THEY DON'T TALK BACK!
Mike- June 14, 2006
Just a quick last minute note to everyone, next tuesday is Manda's birthday! So if anyone wants to something extra special (guest comics, forum postings, whatever), we'd be happy to hear from everyone. I'll be seeing what we can cook up in the meantime.
Mike- June 13, 2006
Hello everyone! Not much in the way of news at the moment. There's new games to play on the main OnyxSparrow site, with a new one in the works staring some PTD action... new sections to the site are on the way as well. Alot going on in the background people, and we'll try to keep you updated. Later!
Manda- June 06, 2006
Happy 666 to all, and to all a good fright!
Mike- June 02, 2006
Today I'm very happy to reveal the image for Round 1 of our new Monthly Contest. All the details will be in the Extras section of the site, but I'll put it here too for everyone's benifit.

Here's how it works: on the first Saturday of the month we make an over-sized comic frame for you to look over, and you come up with the dialouge for the scene and submitted it to us. Then on the of the month, the coolest entry (picked by Mike, Manda, and Bill ) will be featured on the comic and immortalized forever with a credit to the winner. Heck, if you've got a website we'll even throw in a free plug for you. It's that Simple!

Entry in the contest is just as easy! You can either send an email to with the subject "SuperFrame Contest" or you can post your entry on our Contest Forum Page. All we need is a name or webhandle, your clever text for the image, and if you've got one a webpage to include for your plug.

If people like this little contest we'll keep it up! This is the first month us trying it out, so please don't be shy with the comments and suggestions. We're here for The People's Entertainment after all. Later!

Bill- June 01, 2006
Uh oh! Is manda a zombie? NOOOO!!! Guess that means I'll have to make my way into the fabled canadas to slay some canadian zombie goodness? I hope she gets better in time cuz we cant have a manda zombie roaming around.
Mike- May 31, 2006
Heya everybody, just a quick note to tell you that the Bios section has been updated. Also, I've got a little idea I'm kicking around for a contest in the month of June. If it works out and people like it, we'll start doing more things like it. More on that soon, so check back to details.

Oh... and if people are interested, there's also new games showing up in the OnyxSparrow Game Section.

Mike- May 22, 2006
Yes... yes there it is! "Prepare to Die" has reached the golden Comic #100! I just want to say to everyone who lends their support and reads our little comic, Thank You! We couldn't keep this up without you! Here's to the next 100 comic... much more to come soon and for a long time to come. Later!
Mike- May 20, 2006
Heya people! Guess what? No that's not it... ok I'll tell you. I made a few more usefull upgrades to the archives. First off, there is a now a search feature on the Archive page which will eventually let you browse by the content of each comic. I say eventually because of part two. To make the search engine work, each archived comic needs to transcribed into the search engine. To help with that, each comic in the archive now has a Transcribe button under it... if any of you would like to make a great contribution to our comic, please take the time to transcribe a few of the comics and help get the search option working to it's full potential. I'll be doing some of them myself when I can, but I would certianly apreciate the help. Thanks!
Mike- May 19, 2006
And so monday will be the glorious golden day of Comic #100. What's gonna happen? No clue really, gotta see what I can pull off. Bill's news post is correct though... there IS a new section of in the works that will be dedicated to some of his favorite past times. It should be pretty cool! In other news, the Archive got a minor overhaul, so it now handles multiple pages verses the one giant list of comics that was there before. That should certianly clean up things a bit in there. Later!
Bill- May 17, 2006
I know its been awhile but I have returned from my european zombie hunt! It came up unexpectedly when there was a sighting in London. So of course I went to investigate and sure enough..the subways systems were loaded with them. It took me awhile but I managed to clear them out. I'm tired now due to jet lag. I will soon return with my very own page where you can post your zombie sightings. Good hunting and Down with Corporate America!
Mike- May 16, 2006
Hiya! Everything's going smoothly around the ol' website... except that suggestion box *sigh*. I'm gonna have to do something about this free yet unacceptable poor service... anyway, we've got a few extra projects up our sleeves at the moment, so look out for some pretty cool stuff to be comming down the pipe pretty soon. Just a webcomic? Oh no! We've got alot more in store!!
Mike- May 10, 2006
Hiya everyone! It looks like the Comment Box is working again... obviously. It's right there next to this paragraph... anyway, hopefully we shouldn't have any more problems.

PTD has reached comic 90, which means that we're on the final stretch of hitting magic number 100! I'm not entirely sure what we'll do for it just yet, but we're thinking. As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

In other news, the Extras page is sporting three new wallpapers, so check em out for your computer screen decorating satifaction.

Mike- May 09, 2006
Alrighty... I'm not entirely sure what's up with the Comment Box. I suppose that's what I get for using a third-party contolled item from Germany or something, but I liked the price. It WAS working again for a minute, so hopefully it's being fixed. If the Box doesn't start working again soon I'll be looking for a new provider. Any suggestions? If I can't find anyone I like I'll just have to bite the bullet and code my own. In the meantime the Forums are working just fine!
Mike- May 06, 2006
Heyas people! Online Comics Day went very well for us at PTD, bringing us a number of new readers who we hope plan to stay around. Welcome one and all! don't worry, we'll out some more folding chairs if need to, but please enjoy the snacks.

Anyway, as requested the new Manda Posters are available in OnyxSparrow's online stores. We're thinking that once we have enough poster designs we'll look into making a PTD Calender, hopefully for next year.

Mike- May 04, 2006
Heya everybody! Friday's comic is being posted slightly early so we can catch the begining of Online Comics Day, which starts at midnight GMT... five hours ahead of our regularly used Central time zone. It seems like a spiffy event to get into, and we here all like a little party time, so here's to a special we'll probably be part of in future years as well. Later!
Mike- May 02, 2006
Heya, just in case some of you haven't noticed yet, there's a new area in the navigation called 'Extras'. This spiffy place is here just for that kind of thing, where we'll be posting any specialty comics, wallpapers, guest comics, and other random PTD stuff for everyone to enjoy. At the moment the collection is modest, but look for more to come soon.
Mike- April 28, 2006
Heya everybody! Just a quick note to let you know the Bios Page has been updated. I've also added in links to the First Apperance issues to the old Bios already listed, and I'll continue with that on the future entries as well. Now I'm off to prepare a Random Geekness for Saturday's comic. Later!
Mike- April 25, 2006
Wow... so many projects at once and only so much imagination on hand. Ah well, time to break in the Ludicrous Drive. What's inside the cave? No clue, I'll probably find out about four hours before the rest of you do. I'm just a script-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda guy like that.
Mike- April 22, 2006
Today's Random Geekness comes in the form of our very first piece of Fan Art, which was given to us by a good friend to our comic Yukusue, creator of the Webcomic Book of Apocalypse. We're extremely happy to have a fan like Yukusue! It makes our work all the more satifying and fun. Later!!
Mike- April 17, 2006
The Keeper of Chaos, master of our online forum, has informed me that a new section called "Music Geek Corner" has been opened and is currently under the direct control of Manda. So go ahead and drop on by to do the rock out thing with her! Other new sections should be on the horizon, as well as full-fledged areas on itself. Stay tuned people, this place is growing like a weed.
Manda- April 15, 2006








Manda- April 15, 2006
So first off, Happy Easter.

Second off I'm screwing my old boss as much as possible. I've been spending the last half hour finding out stuff from the Canadian Labour Board's site, as well as some other stuff. Ohhh he screwed over the wrong little girl this time.

Canadian's don't get mad, they piss in your gas tank and then ruin your life as much as humanly possible.

DON'T fuck with me. Ever. I really hope my old boss learns that, though it is a sad sorrid set of affairs that he must learn about it the hard way.

Jerk wad.

I'll keep you my adoring fan boys, and girls, updated as often as possible.

Stay Evil!

Mike- April 14, 2006
Heya everybody! So the "Legend of the Triad" comes to a close, and next week we will begin a new quest. The comic's schedule will also finally get synched to the calander, which I'm very happy about... it just threw off my whole perspective on what day it was most of the time.
The other day I've also brought this spiffy new gadget onto the page, the comment box located to the right of the news. Here, everyone can leave quick comments on strips as they come without having to join the forum and all of that. Though we'd still love everyone to join the forum, cause hey it's still a bit lonely in there , but we're just happy to get your feedback in any way we can. Later!

Mike- April 09, 2006
Hello everyone! I am VERY proud to announce that our webcomic has now been visited by over 5,000 unique visitors! Thank you very much everyone for your interest and continuing support of "Prepare to Die"!! Manda, Bill, and myself couldn't be happier to have so many viewers of our little comic strip.
Mike- April 05, 2006
Hey everybody! Just a little something for my fellow geeks, a bit of my favorite stuff: Useless Information. This morning at 1:02 and 3 seconds marks a date that will never occur again in our lifetimes. The exsact date was 01:02:03 04/05/06
Bill- April 02, 2006
This is the part where I tell you all how much work really does suck! Where to start? You apply for a job that is in your field of knowledge, get paid well, then put up with shithead people, asshole managers and snobby co-workers. You work hard but because you don't go out and drink with the managers you have no chance of job security. Then you work hard for a certain position, which they see, and turn it over to somebody who knows jack shit about what they're doing, then they ask you to train them! Then you sustain a work related injury, in which case they overlook how hard you've worked in the past and now see you as a liability instead of an asset and fire you for anything they can find. So basically what I'm saying is this: Don't bust your ass for people that will later pound you in the ass. Don't show dedication to the corporate system and don't hope for a better position, because you'll never get it! Instead they'll give it to someone who doesn't know what they're doing, but only got the job because they're best friends with the manager! Fuck the corporate world! Let us rise up against the system and make it work for the little guy! Show them how it should be we're stronger than them, because we know how to survive anything! Don't let them control you! Turn the tables and control them! DOWN WITH THE CORPORATIONS! DOWN WITH THE BIGGER RICH BASTARDS WHO THINK THEY CAN WALK OVER THE LITTLE GUYS! MAKE THEM THE ROBOTS! MAKE THEM WORK FOR US! TURN THE TABLES ON THEM! Fuck em! NOW BEGINS MY RISE ABOVE! EVERYONE DO YOUR PART IN THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CORPORATE AMERICA! IF ANYONE DOESN'T AGREE WITH ME, TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR OWN LIFE! YOU'RE BEING CONTROLLED EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE! Any questions or comments? E-mail me.
Mike- March 31, 2006
Hey everybody! I've been debating wether or not to start making some holiday specials, for instance an April Fool's Day comic that would have gone up tomarrow. My orginal feeling is that I wanted to see a good number of comics under our belt before starting to interrupt with silliness. Now that we've crossed the 50 comic marker, how would you the people feel about a few deviations during the week instead of just on saturdays? Should we keep the weekday comics pure storyline for awhile longer, or should some bonuses be thrown around?? We are here to entertain the masses, and so I ask for the word of the people!

*note* A poll has been added to the forum for your voicing convenience!

Mike- March 27, 2006
And so the first battle sequence ends. What will the Players do now? How will "the Master" react to his minion's news? Why am I asking you this instead of working on the fricken answers? I don't know, lazy I guess...

*segue to new topic* Speaking of which, The Keeper of Chaos has asked me to announce that a new section for the forum has been created to handle such things quite well. The new Conpircay Corner will let you all have a place to discuss the hints and mysteries as they unfold, or to just make up stuff off the top of your head you wish would happen. Either way is fine with us. Have at it, just don't expect plot spoilers and things to be posted by me... Manda and Bill are another story, but they could just be trying to mess with your head too. Hehe, later.

Manda- March 24, 2006
I'm back!

Where was I you ask? Being mopey! Also last week I had a fever!

Why was I mopey? Long story short, I hate people!

Anyway comic #50!! Thats half way to 100 which is like huge for a comic... erm.. All I have to say about the last few comics is


Cos god knows I like Scandal!!

*sings* Shooting at the walls of heartache bang bang! I am the warrior!

Don't tease me! Or you will be smoten!

Happy Spring by the way! Anyone else twiterpated?

Mike- March 24, 2006
Hello everyone, "Prepare to Die has" just reached 50 comics! It's not a very big milestone but it's one we're all very proud to reach. Thank you everyone who reads our comic and lends their support to us, we apreciate each and every one of you! Here's to the next 50 comics, with new places and people, geekier referances, and RPG action as we delve deeper into a dark and twisted storyplot of a campainge gone way off course. Till then, later!
Bill- March 16, 2006
so last night I was battling zombies. I was having a good time, that's just what I do, when I turn around and another is coming at me from behind. I raised my trusty slingshot, the governmet won't allow me to buy a gun, and put a steel ball bearing through its head. As it turns out, Cobra Commander shows up, pissed off at me because I had just killed one of his experimental Junkies. How the hell was I supposed to know? Oh well. I walked away while he continued to yell at me, so I flipped my middle finger and gave a brief 'fuck you' and went along my merry way. My name is Bill, and I kill Zombies. Why? Because everyone else kills Vampires and somebody has to clean up their leftovers. Have to go now, I heard a beep inside my head.........fuckin Cobra Commander, he's kick ass.
Mike- March 16, 2006
We're kicking around alot of ideas here at Prepare to Die, and there is alot planned for the future. Manda is about to launch into a series of Random Geekness that is currently unnamed, but will be all about things she doesn't like. While it's quite true she doesn't match Bill in sheer ferocity, I'm still going to try and stay out of her path on this stuff.

There has been a few questions here and there about the three of us, and most often heard one is if there really are three of us and I'm not just some loser pretending to be other people. I'll answer that now: While I HAVE been known to pretend to be other people on occasion (Role Player here!), Bill and Manda are quite real people and their words or opinions are entirely their own. While I give the occasional suggestion to them, what they say is totally themselves doing what they feel like doing. Similarly, they give me suggestions, but the final word on the webcomic is mine as the head writer/artist.

Of course I could be totally lying, but then again it's the internet and so could MS-NBC as far as you know. Later!

Bill- March 15, 2006
I work at home depot, where the customers look down on you and tell you you don't know what you're talking about. This is to all you customers of Home Depot. Fuck you and your snobby fucking attitudes, if you're in Home Depot asking advice about something, obviously you have no fucking clue what it is you're doing! You ask our advice THEN TELL US WE'RE FULL OF SHIT I'll tell you you're full of shit! How hard is it to paint your fucking walls? Honestly? What kind of idiot asks me how to paint a wall? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to paint! I tell you how and you tell me you've never heard it done that way before? You must have some kind of basic knowledge to paint, so why are you wasting my time asking me how to do it, have me explain, then tell me I'm wrong? Fuck you. If I had my way people like you wouldn't be allowed to live among society, I would personally come to your houses and put you all out of your misery, you fucking dumbass pieces of shit! You say I'm rude? you say I'm troubled? Well guess what mister contractor, fuckheads like you created me now you all have to deal with me! Live with it or die!
Mike- March 13, 2006
Ah... so much nicer having the internet fully up and running, and running faster than before as well. This may mean that I'll have to start playing Guild Wars again, though I'm trying to avoid things like that so it doesn't threaten to take over my work time by accident. With the comic, the website work, running #VUC, and trying to make a living the last thing I should be distracted by is shiney 3D entertainment...

hehe... *puts install discs away*

Anyway, we've gotten our first offical battle underway in storyplot, which will path the way for battles to come in the future. It's not likely to last for too many comics, but we'd really apreciate any feedback on the look and feel on them. Do you think it works? Feel free to drop us a note at the PTD email addy or better yet drop in on the forum for everyone to discuss.

Oh and just to note, we just passed 2000 unique visitors to Prepare to Die, WoOt!

Mike- March 11, 2006
Hello Everybody! I'm very proud to announce that has just offically opened up it's advertising banner space to the public. For a measly 10 bucks you can have your website appear all over the newly-done main pages on AND appear all over Prepare to Die as well. Yeah yeah, I'm a whore for The Man at moment but hey at least they feed me.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, Bill finally got a word in on the postings. Hope to see more from him soon.

Manda- March 09, 2006
So, last night was play music night at the bar I go to. But I only really go there on Wedensdays, cos I have a rather good fanbase there. So does Joel but, mostly me, cos I'm cute right?

So we're about to play High and Dry (Radiohead, best band ever!) And, this uber emo kid's all "I wanna drum" and we're like, "Sure!" So he starts drumming in like 6/8 time. Now, anyone who knows Radiohead's High and Dry knows it's in 4/4. Therein started the problem.

And thats not the worst part. Not only is he playing in the wrong time, but we don't speed up. We keep playng in 4/4 time so he looks like a huge fool, and all our musician buddies there, are all giggling, and hell Joel's giggling, and I'm trying not to giggle, as I'm singing. It's a really hard thing to hold in a larf when singing. And trying to sound all solemn.

But I digress, basically he was playing crash crash snare snare bass bass bass, really basic drumline, way to fast. Had he slowed down, it would have been fine. Then, we finnish. And god I laughed. Everyone clapped really hard, I think because we didnt explode when we were playing. Thank god for that. Then the guy stays at the drums. And Donnie comes over and is like "They're gonna do erm.. Tragically Hip, and I always play for go away." And the guy did. We played Wheat Kings, it rocked.

Moral of the story? Don't trust strage emo boys play the drums for you. Ever.

Thats all for now.

PS:Donnie's my hero.

Manda- March 08, 2006
So, I went to do some spelling corretcions on a previous post, and sure did delete it.

Ever have one of those days?

Basically the gist was that I bought frogs (Jake and Elwood) and an algae eater (Mick), now, turns out Jakes a girl, and Elwood keeps doing...naughty things to and I figure that eventually I will have baby frogs.

What do I plan to do with these frogs?

Sell them to my boss for a good penny

Im so evil!

Manda- March 08, 2006

Can I ramble for a minute?

So I thought my furnace was broken, so like the inteligent woman I am I call the furnace guys right. They show up and do thier thing, and then are like. Well, there's nothing wrong with it. Really nothing. And I'm all hurray I dont have to pay for repairs right? Okay so then I'm like thats odd, why does it make taht sound so I ask. And (this is the kicker) the guys like, "Well sometimes when the ducts" he pauses bangs on the duct and goes "These shiney silver things here... sometimes they heat up and bang then cool down and do the same."

What the crap hell! I know what a freaking duct is you dolt! I may have boobies, and sit down to pee, also I may be a 20-something year old musician, but I ain't stupid! I hate people who assume that because I'm young, or female that I have no brains in my head.

So for all you repair men, and various other male-dominant professionals, don't talk to people like they are idiots, if we don't understand something we'll ask. Unless they are in fact drooling idiots, in which case, explain everything in great detail. But for the love of GOD don't talk to the smart ones like they're idiots. And if you can't tell an intelligent person from an idiot, quit your job, becaue you are the idiot in the situation and are most likely not suitable to be out in public.

Thank you, that is all.

PS: if you ever meet me on the street, and talk to me like I'm dumb, I'll hit you with a brick.

Mike- March 04, 2006
So... I've been fighting with my DSL Internet people for about two weeks now and I've discovered several things. Firstly, the joy of dealing with people who have no idea what they're doing so you have to explain the entire situation over and over again. Secondly, the vast and varied number of things that can go wrong with your internet connection at all points of transfer.

At the moment I am forced to make new comics, put them on disk, and search out another internet connection every day to upload via online FTP... very tiring. Hopefully there will be better news by monday, but until then I'll continue my nomadic life in constant search of bandwidth to borrow. Later.

Mike- March 03, 2006
This comic, March 3rd, marks the end of the first chapter of "Prepare to Die". After today we should be seeing more action and progess of storyplot. But who is this cloaked figure? What is this D-20 that suposedly holds so much power? What's up with that NPC guy standing around town? Only time will tell...

In other news we have a new friend on the links page, and our comic list rankings are better than ever so thank you everyone for your support! We will have a new Random Geekness from Manda posted on Saturday. Till then, Later.

Mike- March 01, 2006
I've reccently realized that the entire line of comics is dated about a week ahead of when they are actually being posted. Hence today, March 1st, has a comic marked as March 9th. This mostly due to the fact that I was making the first comics and logically made enough to last awhile. I then posted them in the archives so we'd have a number of comics under our belt, never having only one or two to read. So the result is being a week into our own future... kinda spooky if you think about it wrong. What does this mean for the future? Perhaps I will take a week off and just let them catch up, but this is unlikely. It's more likely that I'll plan a special week of "Timeless" comics in the near future to take up the slack. My first bid would be for a Random Geekness Week if we ever get enough submissions. Here's to hoping!!
Manda- March 01, 2006
Yesterday, the new Laurell K Hammilton book came out, blimey can't wait till tomorrow (pay day) so I can get a copy! Today I've been playing guitar, and hoping for the best at the show tonight! Cos, well I'm a rocker, I rock out. Comic is going great, really pleased with my latest contribution (should be up tomorrow hopefully) think it turned out real well! I'm totaly stoked about seeing eeryone tonight and ranting about how I can rant on the comic now!!! Hopefully rake in a few more viewers!!! :D Keep on Rockin in the free world! Manda
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